4 Additional signals in Freemium and User Driven Development

In Q4 of 2017 all major cryptocurrency exchanges started to crash while I was testing Palma’s multi-exchange strategies via web-browsers. But what was really happening is not related with exchanges stop operating, actually they just turned off their web servers due to heavy traffic of retail audience via web browsers. As a consequence I couldn’t execute trades according to our strategies and Janez approached me as he figured out that API trading access are still operates normally – his idea was to develop a chatbot app that would execute trades for me…

Now, this story is very well familiar to most of you from usability and features perspective. But this time, I would like to show it from a design perspective. What we started (as well) as Janez saw what was my need was the so called “User Driven Development”. It is a group of precesses that establish User Centered Design. What that means is that the organization or a development team is focused on multi stage problem solving process that on one hand requires designers to analyze and envision the way users are likely to consume the product and on the more important other hand direct communication with users is permanently nurtured in sense of asking them what they need, testing the features in real world by providing real users the ability to try it out and measure usability as much as possible.

And the last good thing that happened was that we were able to bring to our users more signals within our Freemium – and we do not tend to stop here! From now on, you can set up to 5 different signals, like /diff (permanent signal for price change notification – LINK), /abs (one time signal to notify when certain level of price is reached – link) or /tv (TradingView weebhook based alerts that will send you notification on TradingView alert trigger) that will provide you with the ability to execute trade immediately as the notification arrives. All that in FREEMIUM for 23 exchanges and over 2000 trading pairs!

The last couple of days were the days of our rare down-times as our server was upgraded and architecture stabilized and optimized to the levels where we can now enable next demand from our users – unlimited signals. Still, we decided to proceed slow – that is why we will first enable 5 signals in Freemium to analyze our system and slowly scale to the next phase. But if you need more signals, please do not hesitate to write to us here: support@palmabot.com

We are still far from having “User Driven Development” process established fully as we envisioned it. And yet, it made us do our pivots and reach some crucial milestones on our path:

1. PalmaBot becomes a multi-exchange chatbot app prototype (Q4 2017)

2. Beta launch with some crucial features like news, transfer, arbitrage opportunity finder and more – link (Q4 2018)

3. Real Time Architecture Launch (Q4 2019)

4. Unlimited real time signals architecture launch (NOW)

Check out our new packages definition: LINK

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