Partnership with FIMA – the oldest investment institution in Croatia

This is a story of how we at PalmaBot added another key mosaic to our “Bridging crypto and traditional financial world” vision. How we added the partnership with a traditional investment institution to our existing 4 pillars:

  1. Real-Time Data Processing for Multi Exchange (link to a conceptual diagram of Janez)
  2. Partnership with FKPV Business Faculty (link to the blog about the partnership with FKPV),
  3. Zero Data App architecture based on Sun Tzu war strategy – API keys on users device – we never store your personal data on our servers (link to a video about security strategy) and
  4. Language-Based Button Driven Workflow (Chatbot App) that makes even handling crypto easy to use for anybody.

It all began in May 2019 (21st of May I remember exactly, cause it was the birthday of my daughter) while I was speaking on Fintech Adria conference on the idyllic island of Sveta Katarina just in front of the historical city of Rovinj.

We actually did meet on the beach 🙂

I remember there was the last day of the event where everybody was organized to go to the city of Rovinj but few of us stayed on the Island:

– BD at Aeternity Ventures, Luka Sučić (LI)

– President of Blockchain Association of Silicon Valley, Amit Pradhan (LI)

– worlds top women crypto influencer Adryenn Ashley (LI)

– CEO of FIMA, one of the first traditional investment institutions that offered their clients crypto fully regulated way, Milan Horvat (LI)

– Tomaž Mikolič, PalmaBot’s BD at the time (LI)

– and me.

Lively chatting and eating dinner together evolved – I remember specifically – into a hot debate around how quickly and how many people are able to learn on finance management by themselves as this was debated as one of the key ingredients of mass adoption of crypto. 

Although Milan and I were leaders of opposing debate teams we saw benefits in our contra views on the subject and continued to stay in touch learning from each other, getting to know the benefits of projects that we run. 

It did not take us long as Milan came for a coffee to meet the PalmaBot team. A hot summer day in Ljubljana with a relaxed environment lead us to a long fruitful conversation to come one more step closer to realizing both projects have a very important vision in common: “Bridging Crypto and traditional financial world – the way to achieve mass adoption.”

After that, a roller coaster happened…

-> I invited Milan as our guest speaker at the “Palma Reloaded” event where we launched real-time data processing architecture.

-> Milan invited us to speak about “Real-Time Data Processing in Financial Markets” within “Blockchain that means business event” in Zagreb at Algebra Labs:

-> After we realized many more benefits growing and developing while organizing these events together the partnership was an inevitable consequence and lead to our first partnership focused meeting in January 2020.

It was the visionary approach and advanced spirit of both teams that lead us towards a decision on closer collaboration and finally partnership. 

And so it happened – the first crypto trading tool that partnered up with traditional investment institutions. And not just any institution, we are talking about FIMA:

  • With more than 25 years of foreign and domestic financial markets experiences,
  • Investment house with the oldest tradition in the Republic of Croatia,
  • Founder of Varaždin’s stock exchange market,
  • First traditional investment institution that offered regulated crypto investments to their clients.

The pioneering approach that leads FIMA and PalmaBot towards bridging new-age crypto and traditional financial worlds means a big step for the whole crypto industry if not the whole of humanity. Whereas it prooves to the traditional investment industry that there is no cause for fear over technical innovations.

Even though Corona Virus stroke, our focus remained. The agreement was signed on Thursday the 16th of April 2020 in an advanced fashion – online. And what will happen next remains a secret. Expect our press release big and soon.

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