The Launch of Palmatrix Platform

At Palma’s last official launch (see the recording here), where the spotlights were on the PalmaExecutor, we secretly launched a couple of more things: our new platform and with it our new CEO!

Since the beginning of PalmaBot, we somehow felt that the word “bot” doesn’t seem right. At the beginning of the Summer of 2020 we, the co-founders of Palma, invited Martin Roennebeck, our strategic advisor to join us for some strategic meetings…

It was Martin that made us realize something was in our hearts from before, but it was just that we couldn’t put it out. Maybe we were emotionally too attached to the cute and kind chatbot that saved our portfolios so many times. Yet, that was not the reason that made him step into my shoes as CEO of Palma (-Bot/-trix).

It is time to do some rebranding.

The Platform Approach…

Whenever I was talking to somebody and mentioned that chatbot is what we did, nobody understood it directly. Everybody in the team started to report the same issue. That was the first serious sign that something is not right.

When Martin joined our strategic meetings he was actually the first team member to do so besides us three co-founders and as well he was the first that was not emotionally attached to the “bot” thing. After some meetings he made us realize that what we actually did is a platform.

That clicked almost instantly. I went back in my memories into the times when Gregor was my personal advisor on trading strategies as Janez and I were doing automated arbitrage bots. Back then there was no sign of a chatbot! What Janez did at that time is actually a platform that was gathering data from the 5 biggest exchanges and process it to provide a fast as possible decision engine that would execute trades that used arbitrage opportunities for better profit probability. Only later we encountered the need to develop a chatbot that would help me stay in touch with the market and test strategies without the necessity to sign-in to the exchange each time I wanted to execute trades.

The Platform with multiple products…

What the platform is all about you can check out on our new website:

In short, you can easily access the platform and use almost its full power via the PalmaBot, which is now renamed to Palma, the Virtual Assistant (chatbot). Connectivity with external trading systems and data sources is handled by a set of microservices that are now called PalmaExecutor. A new product is just about to be launched and you can already experience a part of it via the Trading Dashboard (accessible via Palma) – it will be called PalmaWEB. And as we were developing all this we surely got some interest from the institutional side as well and 3 more products were born that have these unofficial names: Palmalytics, Palmadvertizing, and Palmanager.

The New CEO, Martin Roennebeck…

There are meny reasons why we decided to do this step, but those that stand out I would like to mention here in short.

As we developed as an organization more and more work needed to be done. And I am not talking just on the marketing side, but as well a completely new field of activities opened as we started to get more and more interest on the B2B side. And there digital marketing is not enough – a true sales process needed to be established that later brought some nice results so we decided to really put focus and double the effort on it.

The team got bigger and stronger. Yet, when the team evolves somebody needs to take care of all the relations, all the great ideas that come from the team, etc. And as the need on the marketing and sales side rose I had to make a decision – leave the sales side to somebody else or leave the leader’s side to somebody else. It is a hard decision, and I didn’t realize that on my own – a special thanks goes to our HR advisor, employee caretaker, and boundaries expert, Tjaša Strle. Her innovative approach to handling employees, a product called “Coffee with Millenials”, which is especially appropriate for small and fast-growing organizations saved the day.

Last but not least, Martin became my great friend, he is Palma’s supporter almost since its beginnings, a German banker with experiences in IT leadership, a humble man that made us realize what we actually did – the Platform. I believe no other words are needed. 

Congratulations to all, our supporters, users, partners, customers, team members, and families that took our child now named Palmatrix into their life’s equations, thank you!

However, with this act our rebranding only started! More to come soon…

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