PalmaBot Release Updates

Zero Second Arbitrage, referral QR code and PayPal

1. /arbi - Zero Second Arbitrage
Available in all packages till end of Beta pricing period.
Menu -> Pricing
Menu -> Features -> Zero Second Arbitrage

2. PayPal
Payment processor added with credit card and PayPal options. Find this option in bot on Telegram, press button or write:

3 Faster confirmation of commands
One step less in confirming status message with execution e.g. /buy, /sell, /balance,…

4. Referral QR code
Give your friend a gift – let him / her sign up to PalmaBot via QR code. Referral QR code accessible within the bot inside
/account button or
/myreferral command.

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13th of December 2019

Real Time Data Processor and Pricing launch

Architecture and Data Base upgrade
Multi exchange real time data processor implemented with asynchronous data matrix upgrade for fastest price change and arbitrage signaling.
Get notified faster then you can see it on the exchange directly!

Payment Gateway launch
Workflows for Palma packages subscriptions were integrated, now you can upgrade your account with PalmaBonus or more then 50 cryptos via CoinGate payment gateway.

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14th of November 2019