Release updates

Release from 12th of November 2019:

1. Release of fastest real time data processing architecture

  • 35 exchanges and counting
  • fastest signals in the world – before you can even see it on the exchange: Live Q&A video
  • real time arbitrage finder, write to me: /arbi

2. PalmaDEMO:

  • trade with fictional money
  • real time data, real life situations, zero risk learning
  • turn on demo mode with the button or write to me /demo

3. PalmaBonus, Invite and Referral launch:

4. Pricing launch


Release from 10th of October 2019:

1. Release of #PalmaGAME

2. Invite and referral system in alpha test mode.

3. PalmaBonus public alpha release:


Release from 13th of September 2019:

1. Public Alpha release

2. Bug fixing.


Release from 16th of August 2019:

1. Real time data stream alpha testing

  • the lightning fast asynchronous data matrix is on it’s way!
  • see price changes faster then you would via web browser directly on your exchange account!
  • see even more real time arbitrage opportunities.

2. PalmaDEMO internal alpha release

  • my team is already competing among each other to reach top score within THE HALL OF FAME 🙂
  • soon you will be as well able to test your skills with real data stream but virtual money – so, completely risk free! Well, accept your nervous system might get rushed 😀
  • All that in FREEMIUM!

3. Messenger and WeChat prototypes

  • if Telegram app is not your favorite messenger platform, don’t worry, soon I will be able to help you on any messenger there exists.
  • but for now, I am available only on Telegram – here’s the link, click <3

4. Bug fixing

  • graph showing empty spaces
  • faster graph drawing


Release from 10th of July 2019:
1. PalmaPRO alpha testing.
2. PalmaDEMO alpha testing.
3. Bug fixing.
4. Development environment upgrade – developers welcome:


Release from 6th of June 2019:
1. Exchanges and Coins added.
2. Server update for faster processing and more reliable and safe runtime.

3. Command /portfolio added – see all your assets on all exchanges in one sheet.
4. Bug fixes.


Release from 13th of May 2019:
1. Matrix stabilization.
2. Panic button implementation.

3. Added command /wallet, a quick and simple QR code generator for any wallet address on any exchange you have.
4. Bug fixes.


Release from 9th of April 2019:
1. Notification format – now you are able to see what happened even your phone is still locked.
2. For easier portfolio review the /balance command provides TOTAL.
3. Bug fixes.


Release from 19th of February 2019:
1. Limit buy / sell implemented for all supported exchanges.
2. Optimized exchanges access speed for faster data collection.
3. Faster CoinPricebutton with even more accelerated graph drawing.
4. Bug fixes.


Release from 11th of February 2019:
1. Architecture upgrade for faster simultaneous access.
2. CoinPrice graph generation 10 times faster.
3. Waaaay faster /arbi tool. 4. New market BNB implemented.
5. New coins BTT added.
6. Bug fixes and stabilization.


Release from 5th of February 2019:
1. Faster Coinprice button.
2. Accelerated graph generation.
3. Level 4 security established.
4. 8 digit price precision.
5. Bug fixes.


Release from 14th of January 2019:
1. Enhanced graph – added 12h view, 24h view and candle stick view.
2. Enhanced /arbi tool – new release will answer with top 5 opportunities for each of implemented markets (USD, EUR, USDT, BTC, ETH) and will enable additional filtering for coin, market and buy/low exchange.
3. Matrix update for faster data presentation (graph, signals, tools).
4. Minor beauty corrections (starting walkthrough, graph position).
5. Bug fixes.


Release from 7th of January 2019:
1. Added buttons for quick buy and sell action with CoinPrice.
2. Enable custom volume on executor.
3. Added CoinPrice basic button.
4. UX improved workflows.
5. Bug fixes.


Release from 6th of December 2018:
1. News added keywords for news selection.
2. Exchanges added, to see which are active, click /commands and then /help and /exchanges.
3. Signals with buy and sell buttons for instant execution.
4. Bug fixes.


BETA release from 15th of November 2018:
1. Tools to get last top 3 google news for selected keyword, top 3 arbitrage opportunities and price of a coin.
2. Signals to get notified when the price of your favourite coin changes, try /diff.
3. Executor buy and sell via Telegram on any of top 10 crypto exchanges.

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