PalmaBot Release Updates

Knowledgebase upgrade, New website release, Explanatory Video Release, Global PR launch! and bug fixes

1. To make your trading success even greater and provide you with know how to improve as an investor or trader, we have upgraded PalmaBot Knowledgebase:
Main Menu -> Knowledgebase

2. New website release - check out our new design with optimized user flow - especially we made sure that you can as quickly as possible access PalmaBot od Telegram, plus check all the informations you need to improve your knowledge and check the features.

3. Explanatory was our major missing piece within the marketing sphere. We were planning and optimizing it for 6 months and the result is awesome with great feedback from our users. See for yourself - just navigate to the top right side of our website

4. Global PR launch announcing our partnership with FIMA investment institution - we got a lot of interest about writing about us, but we decided to give the exclusive rights to ex. AltCoin Magazine that just got renamed to TheCapital. With them we already reached more then 27.000 views. Hit the button below and enjoy reading.

5. Bug Fixes:
-> exchange rare answers parsing,
-> exchange communication protocol stabilization.

Global PR launch with TheCapital

18th of June 2020

Walkthrough V1 release, KnowledgeBase MVP release, Real Time Data Processing Engine Stabilization and Optimization

1. For the presentation purposes and to make your learning curve even shorter, we decided to build a walkthrough for you that will lead you through all major features of PalmaBot. Go to:
Main Menu -> User Guide -> Walkthrough

2. KnowledgeBase was a big challenge for us as we wanted to make financial wording clear and easy as possible for anybody - yet we remained highly professional language. Try us out, go here:
Main Menu -> KnowledgeBase

3. Real Time Data Processing Engine Optimization
Do you remember the previous crash at the beginning of March 2020 as we had some difficulties that slowed PalmaBot down.
And do you remember Coinbase crashing at the last market drop a few days ago? Well, PalmaBot worked like a charm, our users could execute trades normally even on Coinbase.

Try out increased speed and accuracy

15th of May 2020

Big.One Chinese exchange added, TradingView (alpha) integration, blog launch and Corona Beta pricing prolongation

1. We integrated a new exchange - Big.One. Check out new possibilities with /diff or /arbi.

2. We integrated TradingView, try TV alerts and receive them directly to PalmaBot on Telegram! And guess what! Have the ability to react instantly with buy / sell execution!
NOTICE! This is alpha public release, please report any weird behavior to our
To try it out, go to PalmaBot on Telegram (click below) and write to PalmaBot: /tv

3. Blog launch
We are trying to keep up the pace with our and crypto market stories. Soon will come more.
Go to: main menu - Blog

4. Corona is not bad in some cases 😉 we prolonged Beta pricing!
Go to: main menu - Pricing

Check out on Telegram

15th of April 2020

Graph enhancements, button workflow optimization, DE and TUR language support

1. Graph enhancements - Sell (red) and Buy (green) dots visible on coinPrice graph
Now you do not have to check the numbers as it is visually visible where your orders were made. Works in demo mode as well.
Go to bot on Telegram and write to it:

2. Button workflow optimization
Our main purpose is to make your UX better and trading faster. That is why we are constantly measuring what you are doing although we do not know who is who (zero data app). Our goal is to make as much as possible accessible with a single click.
Go to demo (there all functions are accessible) to bot on Telegram and write to it: /demo

3 Germain and Turkish language support
Go to bot on Telegram and choose language here - type:
/account -> /settings - > /language

Experience on Telegram

17th of March 2020

Trail PRO features added, PRO keyboard layout added, SLO and HR language support

1. Trail PRO features
Trail Stop Buy (tsb) will buy you an asset as soon as it's price will rise for set threshold.
Trail Stop Sell (tss) will sell your asset as soon as it's price will fall for set threshold.
Available for FREE in /demo and in PRO packages (discounts till end of Beta pricing period).
Go to bot on Telegram and write to it:

2. PRO keyboard layout
You can now change your keyboard layout, so that you will have all PRO features accessible with a single click.
Go to bot on Telegram and write to it: /p

3 Slovenian and Croatia language support
Go to bot on Telegram and choose language here - type:
/account -> /settings - > /language

Try on Telegram

15th of February 2020

Zero Second Arbitrage Filtering, Stop Loss - Take Profit PRO feature added and Graph enhancements

1. /arbi filtering
Available in all packages till end of Beta pricing period.
Menu -> Pricing
Go to bot and write to it: /arbi

2. Stop Loss - Take Profit
PalmaPRO feature that enables you to setup stop loss and take profit pair for any position you are in. Available for free in /demo and within automation of PRO packages.
Go to bot on Telegram and write to it: /sl_tp

3 Graph enhancements
Faster graph loading, lines showing 1% threshold added and 1 month (1M) view added.

Check out on Telegram

10th of January 2020

Zero Second Arbitrage, referral QR code and PayPal

1. /arbi - Zero Second Arbitrage
Available in all packages till end of Beta pricing period.
Menu -> Pricing
Menu -> Features -> Zero Second Arbitrage

2. PayPal
Payment processor added with credit card and PayPal options. Find this option in bot on Telegram, press button or write:

3 Faster confirmation of commands
One step less in confirming status message with execution e.g. /buy, /sell, /balance,…

4. Referral QR code
Give your friend a gift – let him / her sign up to PalmaBot via QR code. Referral QR code accessible within the bot inside
/account button or
/myreferral command.

Test on Telegram

13th of December 2019

Real Time Data Processor, Partnership with FKPV and Pricing launch

1. Architecture and Data Base upgrade
Multi exchange real time data processor implemented with asynchronous data matrix upgrade for fastest price change and arbitrage signaling.
Get notified faster then you can see it on the exchange directly!

2. Partnership with Faculty for Business and Communication sciences (FKPV) signed.
Read more in our blog - find in footer on this website.

3. Payment Gateway launch
Workflows for Palma packages subscriptions were integrated, now you can upgrade your account with PalmaBonus or more then 50 cryptos via CoinGate payment gateway.

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14th of November 2019