Novadax – The First Full PalmaRT Exchange Certificate Partnership

PalmaBot supports now over 40 exchanges, but together with NovaDAX we are opening a completely new frontier. R&D upon user experience is something that many exchanges lack. But not NovaDAX! Besides an active fully regulated global approach (trading, withdrawal, and deposit options in EUR!), they really do care about your experience in trading. Plus, our motive on entering Portuguese speaking markets and the common vision of enabling masses to be able to manage their digital assets in today’s DeFi times with competitive yet accessible PRO-level tools, set a long-term partnership to be.

Initially launched in Oct 2018 in Brazil, NovaDAX is a centralized exchange that supports BRL and EUR trading pairs, deposits and withdrawals.  NovaDAX fully complies with all applicable regulations in Brazil and the European Union, and co-authored Brazil’s crypto industry self-regulation code.

Randolf, CMO of NovaDAX
This is how you e-meet 😉

At this point, I would like to express a big thanks to our Strategic Advisor from Croatia, Luka Kapetanič (see him among speakers of PalmaReloaded). He is the one that saw compatibility and made sure Randolf, NovaDAX CMO, and I met in Q1 this year. Fruitful conversations sparkled and soon it became clear we have common visions and interests on entering each other’s markets, NovaDAX to Europe and PalmaBot to South America.

But what convinced us additionally was not just the fact that they have a great mind in charge of their marketing unit.


What we do within our PalmaRT exchange certification program is to quality check the exchange and if the requirements are met, we proceed with certification, upgrading the exchange. And I was amazed how much care NovaDAX contributes to their liquidity, striving to enable their users seamless trading experience even when trading with bigger volumes. The first very important parameter was checked.

For more info click here: NovaDAX Bounty Program


One very important aspect, especially from a user point of view, is that NovaDAX cares about their traders very much, even the smaller ones. Enabling a flexible fee schedule brought to users a welcoming feeling that even I enjoyed when checking out their platform – something I haven’t felt since the starting days of Binance. And another parameter was checked – UX or user satisfaction.


After they supported, fully complied, and co-authored the crypto industry self-regulation code in Brazil, they spread and became compliant as well in Europe. So, now you can trade, withdraw, and deposit in EURO.

Check out their ongoing bounty program for more engagement and see those amazing opportunities with our /arbi function here


We integrated many exchanges up until now and we are sure we are going to implement over 90 by the end of the year. However, partnership with NovaDAX is established to the level that no other exchange reached for. Their care for customers and awareness of how important it is to enable broader audience access to crypto markets accelerated our effort towards a strong partnership. We are sure that together we will bring UX to the next level collaborating on R&D of communication protocols, which will be the core basis for our KYC certification pillar.

Plus, I am happy to announce that PalmaBot will soon know how to communicate in the Portuguese language and that with this we are entering South American markets! Congratulations to everybody on both teams!

Jernej, Co-founder & CEO of PalmaBot

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