PalmaExecutor is a webhook based connection technology that enables automation and easy trade execution management and control of automated trades for any trading system provider that enables webhooks.

Currently Executor Enabled Trading Systems
(tested by Palmatrix team)



Custom platforms (examples with source code)

That basically means all you have to do is tell your trading system where to send notifications. PalmaBot will generate connection data for you (command is /xc).

And you will already be getting strategy notifications directly to Telegram that can now via this easy to use chatbot app PalmaBot be easily managed, controlled and automated even on mobile.

1. Connect your Trading System with PalmaExecutor

1.1. Go to PalmaBot on Telegram (click the icon below) and write into conversation window (see picture 1): /xc

1.2. PalmaBot will give you the connection string and webhook address that you need to copy and paste to your trading system – in some cases both (like TradingView -> connection string should be pasted into message box), in some cases only connection string will do (Coinalyze).

Picture 1: write to PalmaBot /xc and get data to connect your trading system

Connection String parameters explained (see Picture 2):

  • code: your unique connection string
  • strategy_id: how you want to call your strategy
  • demo:
    • YES= demo mode for real time testing – works with DEMO Bitcoin (read more here…)
    • NO= real money mode
  • command (see details in section 2 below):
    • buy – will initiate buy
    • sell – will initiate sell
  • exchange: choose the exchange you want the trades to happen at (Binance)
  • coinmarket: trading pair that you want to trade with (BTCUSDT)
  • amount: quantity in base currency (coins) to trade

1.3. When you successfully establish the connection, PalmaBot will in some cases (like Coinalyze, CoinMarketAlert) send you a success message stating “This is a TEST message” (see Picture 2) and in some cases nothing will happen (like TradingView) and you need to trigger first notification manually on trading system to get first notification into PalmaBot Telegram app.


Read more…

2. Automate trade execution or execute instant order manually

2.1. With the success (TEST) message, you will as well be given the opportunity to automate your strategy, which means that by pressing the “automate” button (see Picture 2), you will tell to PalmaBot that it should automatically execute the initiated trade as soon as the alert notification arrives. In case of no test message (TradingView) the automation can be initiated only with first alert notification.

Picture 2: Test message, Parameters and “Automate” button

2.2. As you automate, PalmaBot will send you a message if you succeeded – with it, you will see if you are in DEMO mode and you will be given the option on deactivating automation as well (see Picture 3).

Picture 3: DEMO mode and deactivation button

2.3. Or simply use manual execution (Picture 4). The benefit with PalmaBot is that you can do it instantly anywhere you are from your mobile in an easy, instant yet secure way (Zero Data App – read more…) with Maker Fee Schedule (Maker Fee executor – read more…).

Picture 4: Manual execution button (instant order with Maker Fee)

3. Manage automated strategies

3.1. To see all automated strategies, please write to PalmaBot /xc_list (see Picture 5)

3.2. In the list under each strategy, you will find a “deactivate” button (see Picture 5) – with it, you can deactivate the strategy at any time via your mobile phone.

Picture 5: Command to list your automated strategies (/xc_list) and deactivation option

Go to PalmaBot, write /xc and connect your trading system

How to connect with TradingView example and tutorial video.