Connect and trade from anywhere!

PalmaExecutor is webhook based trade execution platform.

✅ for traders

Try for yourself, click

and write to bot: /xc

What are benefits for traders?

Get reliable maker fee on limit order trade execution!

Easy to connect (no developer skills needed!)

Built-In Real Time strategy testing tool (PalmaDEMO)

Zero Data App (no user personal data collection) - complete privacy

Mobile Banking Security guidelines (OWASP, HTTPS)

Become PalmaExecutor certified partner!

Provide advantage for your users with automated trade execution.

PalmaExecutor is webhook based trade execution platform.

✅ for partners

What are benefits for all PalmaExecutor enabled partners?

Provide traders with ability to simply connect trading strategies with executor

Communicate with your users via PalmaBot messaging system

Earn from your users via our referral system for any payable service we provide

Certification levels

  1. Level 1: PalmaExecutor open – no registration needed ( quick start )

  2. Level 2: PalmaExecutor enabled with IP whitelisting

  3. Level 3: PalmaExecutor certified (with more security for your users)


Please contact us to become PalmaExecutor certified partner.



  1. Use express order button to execute trades directly from your web site or email.

  2. Show TOP crypto news with express trade execution button.

  3. Use arbitrage finder with filtering options and express trade execution button.

All widgets are available with iframe source code to copy & paste on your web site.