Become PalmaBot Executor Enabled!

Provide advantage for your users with automated trade execution.

PalmaBot provides possibility on integration of PalmaBot trade executor for any 3rd party trading system that provides alerts for strategies or signals like TradingView or Coinalyze for 31 exchanges (and counting) and over 5000 trading pairs.

PalmaBot Executor is easily integratable webhook based technology. See more details here:

✅ For traders: Connect PalmaBot with your strategy / alert / signal provider (link)

✅ For developers: Get Your Platform PalmaBot Executor Enabled (pdf)

Our main mission is to provide crypto traders with possibility to easily execute their strategies on demand or in an automated way. Whatever you provide, they can easily upgrade with automation or mobile trade execution with maker fee instant buy / sell. Read more…

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and write to bot: /xc

What are benefits for traders?

Get reliable maker fee trade executor (23 exchanges)!

Easy to connect (no developer skill needed!)

Built-In Real Time strategy testing tool (PalmaDEMO)

Zero Data App (no users personal data) with complete privacy

Mobile Banking Security guidelines (OWASP, HTTPS)

This way any user can simply by copy-pasting PalmaBot generated code to your alert creation form enable automation and real time control over strategy execution with built-in real time paper trading functionality – trade with DEMO Bitcoin. Read more…

What are benefits for all Palmabot Executor enabled partners?

Provide traders with ability to simply connect trading strategies with executor

Communicate with your users via PalmaBot messaging system

Earn from your users via our referral system for any payable service we provide

3 easy steps to become PalmaBot Executor enabled

Any strategy / signal / alert provider can now provide for their users an easy to connect (no programing skills needed) trade executor with ready to play DEMO mode paper trading functionality with 3 easy steps:

Try for yourself, click

and write to bot: /xc