It is possible to achieve your financial freedom and yet keep your life-style intact!

If you are an experienced trader with an existing trading system like TradingView and loads of experience on using Telegram chatbot apps, you might want to start here: Automate Your Trading System.

For everybody that would like to see what we figured out while developing PalmaBot, this might be your best way of getting skilled in making profits as quickly as possible:

  1. Get yourself familiar with chatbots (google it, see movie “Her” starring Joaquin Phoenix, go to Palma’s walkthrough)
  2. Usage of Telegram app on your mobile device – master your notification settings:
    • enable notifications for Telegram App within your phone settings,
    • mute all chats within Telegram App that have activities that you don’t want to be notified about,
    • set up a unique sound for Palma’s chat to distinguish from other chat’s notifications.
  3. Learn Palma Basics:
  4. Get in touch with the market and learn to be profitable from day 1, introducing Palma Paper Trading – Real Time DEMO (LINK)
  5. The Basic Financial Course – get better with Knowledgebase:
    • Cost Average Method – read more…
    • Trading basics (financial base, short / mid / long-term strategies) – Knowledgebase.
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  6. Setup your MMM (Money Making Machine):
  7. Stay up to date: