Lightning fast digital assets management tool – competitive for professionals – easy to use for anybody.

Multi exchange (23 exchanges and over 2000 trading pairs) real time with execution precision and security by design – we never store your API keys!

Automize anything, from multi order stop loss and take profit, to advanced strategies with arbitrage opportunities – with a single click!


Automate your trading system

Connect any trading system like TradingView or trade directly with PalmaBot Executor – enjoy maker fee schedule for all exchanges even for instant orders. Read more…

Fast Single Click Usability, Yet Secure

Chatbot customization and automation possibilities enable everything with a single security click (see video on Sun Tzu security strategy). You decide when you give the keys!

Real Time Multi Exchange

Get notified about the price faster then you can see it on the exchange via web browser and execute on mobile with standardized UX for all exchanges.

Fast Lane to our Private Cloud

Our servers are located directly on the main node between London and Asia. An important piece of the “see the future” puzzle.

Supported Exchanges

23 exchanges already and counting...

Who is using Palma?!

…and what can you do with it FAST and Natural Language EASY?!

Fund and Portfolio Managers

Professionals do not need an extra explanation to realize how important it is to have control and ability to react anytime.

“It provides real time informations which gives me the edge while communicating with our clients – because I know I have the latest info.” manager Filip, FIMA Plus

Private Traders and Investors

The advantage is huge due to speed. Plus, connectivity with other providers (like google) by default.

Awesome speed and reliability. I didn’t expect such an easy to use multi exchange experience on mobile! Can’t wait for PalmaPRO new features!” trader Sami, USA


Digital Assets Professionals

Let Palma watch over your assets and send you notifications as soon as it happens. Set it up as you wish and have the ability to transfer, buy, sell or just get news. Have control anytime, anywhere.

“A very fast and reliable zero data app, which provides an outstanding Security and complete Privacy.” prof. Thorsten, Blockchain Institute Stuttgart

Trade like a pro, despite mobile life-style.

Start living your full life potential FOMO free! Control at your fingertips anytime, anywhere – the ability to fine tune your automized orders on the go.

“What I preferably like with PalmaBot is his speed and accuracy of execution, which makes my probability for success much greater!” trader Goran, Croatia


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