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Setup and Usage of diff signal – use cases:

  • You are interested in one of the coins and want to follow the price movement,
  • You just have bought a coin and want to follow the price movement,
  • You are day trading (use DEMO mode for learning) and would like to catch buy-low and sell-high.

See the workflow below with the video at the end. For better understanding of signals, please read definition of PalmaBot signal here: link.

  1. Go to bot on Telegram -> here
  2. Setup diff signal
    • Write to bot “/diff” or click “/signals” button and then choose “/signal” and then “/diff”
    • PalmaBot will now lead you through step by step process, where you will be able to choose Exchange, Coin, Market and Threshold (What is Threshold? Read more here: link).
  1. Usage of diff signal
    • As soon as the price changes for the preset threshold (e.g.: 1%), PalmaBot will send you signal notification (see this video for additional help – Youtube).
    • Diff signal is continuous signal, which means that every time the price drops or jumps for a preset threshold, the notification will be sent to you.
    • In the example below you can see the notification for Binance exchange, ENJ coin on USDT market for the preset threshold of 1%.

To see this customizable real-time price alert in action within a video, continue:

Check the list of signals and create a new diff.