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Setup and Usage of abs signal

For better understanding of this workflow, please read definition of PalmaBot signal here: link.

  1. Go to bot on Telegram -> here
  2. Setup abs signal
    • Write to bot “/abs” or click “/signals” button and then choose “/signal” and then “/abs”
    • PalmaBot will now lead you through step by step process, where you will be able to choose Exchange, Coin, Market and Price where the signal notification should be triggered.
  1. Usage of abs signal
    • As soon as the price reaches the preset price, PalmaBot will send you signal notification.
    • Abs signal is a one-time signal. As soon as it is triggered it is as well deactivated.
    • In the example below you can see the notification for Binance exchange, ENJ coin on USDT market for the preset price 0.159 USDT.