Beta Pricing with all goodies PROLONGED till 31.3.2020

We decided to prolong Beta Pricing period till end of March 2020, so all benefits (read below) will stay open till then.

But first, let me use this post to write a little bit about what we achieved and where we found ourselves today. It has been an amazing year 2019 for PalmaBot team, as we:

  • attended the first conference (Blocksplit) as influencers / speakers,
  • launched live DEMO – a paper trading feature, which enables our users paper trading – to learn risk free on real time data and real life situations,
  • established the partnership with FKPV faculty,
  • launched the fastest multi exchange real time data processing in the world and
  • many more updates that you can find here:

And because so many new things were released in PalmaBot (too much to follow as reported from many of our users), especially at the end of year 2019. And you know end of years, family and year closure obligations occur. So, we decided to prolong the Beta Pricing Period till end of March 2020.

All goodies that are available in Beta Pricing period that you can use for your own benefit are as follows:

  • 40% DISCOUNT on all packages – see here:
  • Validity of all gift-cards is extended till end of March 2020 – if you haven’t got one yet, follow our support community on Telegram, we will provide some this month as well:
  • All tools and signals (/coinPrice, /arbi, /diff, /abs, /radar, /transfer, /wallet) have ALL exchanges (22 and counting) enabled.
  • Coconut Club Yearly Membership with special discount, apply here and get access to all Full PRO package and all the know how within Coconut Telegram community, plus VIP features:

Shortcut to PalmaBot with Beta Bonus, click the blue Telegram icon below.

Happy Trading!

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Yours, PalmaBot

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