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Partnership with Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences

This is a classical meant to be story. There were 4 major events that all lead us to the same destination: Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences,


1. That day I was sitting for a lunch earlier this year with my friend and our marketing advisor Jernej Petrin, who is lecturing on a GEA college in Slovenia. We were just about to launch PalmaDEMO and were discussing what should be PalmaDEMO’s first campaign as he said it would be great if we could provide this for students to be able to get in touch with the market in real time.


2. Next important event that played a crucial role in my mindset was the 3 day Blockchain School that was organized by FKPV. Unfortunately I found out to late to be able to attend, but getting to know that there is somebody that is making big steps into the advanced concepts and technology in formal education was very inspiring at that moment.


3. Then our Coconut Club member Katja connected us with her colleague Mrs. Mirjana IvanuÅ¡a Bezjak, who is the holder of FKPV Faculty’s whole year program for blockchain technologies, which is the first such program of this kind in Slovenia!


4. A friend of mine tells me that our common friend which I know for almost a decade is well in crypto space and I would meet Marko a couple of days later for a coffee finding out he wrote the first book about Bitcoin in Slovenian language and is teaching guess where?! At FKPV Faculty 🙂


It was time to meet the mastermind behind all happenings related to official education on the field of blockchain based business and technologies behind. The idea was that we would provide a tool for students who attend her whole year program to enable them easier research and touch with the real market. The chemistry was there instantly.

I was amazed how forward thinking and wise Mrs. Mirjana turned out to be. No wonder she achieved many big steps in sense of bridging crypto and traditional world. The words were spoken and visions were alined. It was a natural next step that we setup an agreement that we would later sign – on 6th of November to be exact – and invite her to be our honored guest speaker within our Palma Reloaded event  – official PalmaBot launch (link).



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