1st lecture at FKPV Faculty in Maribor, Slovenia: Finance, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

As Palma’s DEMO mode brings a lot of added value for educational purposes we conducted the first lecture within our partnership with FKPV Faculty as Mrs. Mirjana Ivanuša invited Gregor (PalmaBot COO) and me as guest lecturers. Their program “Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies” is at it’s beginning with previous lecture on mining of cryptocurrencies.

Our Purpose

As I was preparing the lecture I was thinking what should we be talking about, what is actually our purpose here? I was thinking what is the knowledge we have, what know how did we experience on our path that we can share and would give added value to students – beginners in crypto world – within thematics they are covering. The list looked approximately like this:

  • How to begin a business in crypto space?
  • What are (crypto-) currencies? 
  • How is blockchain different then cryptocurrency?
  • Financial freedom is in your hands now.
  • Speed is crucial in financial world – or, how come that users of Palma live in the future.
  • What does the price movement of any share / coin / currency telling us about it?

The usage of PalmaBot’s features…

Students did receive a lot of informations regarding crypto space, maybe even to much, some already expressed their interests in doing seminars and project work with PalmaBot on financial markets. But what is essential and most beneficial to them is the ability to actually experience the market movement in real time. That is why we set them up with some basic usability and know how:

  • CoinPrice
  • Diff signal
  • Multi Exchange vision
  • Chatbot Workflow

Benefits for us…

Surely we do see many benefits for PalmaBot and Coconut Club development as well. To point out a few:

  • we analyzed what kind of problems complete beginners in crypto have while trying to install and start PalmaBot
  • we exchanged opinions on implemented features and what students would expect from such apps
  • a couple of interesting topics emerged for further research

What were the exact findings will for now remain a secret, but we are already looking forward on future lectures and collaboration. And I promise we will keep you updated.

Jernej Vrčko, CEO & Co-founder of PalmaBot

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