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When I was trading crypto back in 2017 the thing that I struggled the most with was fundament or news, to say it in more popular language. The thing that took most of the time to me was catching the right news at the right moment to catch the price jump. In this blog, I am revealing how we made this process simple and convenient with our new partner, as they put it: so you will never miss a market move again! Plus, some gifts for all of our community at the bottom.

Imagine you have a family, or a job, or some other obligations that usually take most of your time during the day. Now, if you have ever tried any kind of trading, then this feeling when you missed a price move that happened just when you had to go out of your trading room to do some urgent stuff is not new to you! And even if you were there, at the computer with your trades ready, you never knew where and when exactly will that important news come out.

And I never even thought this will be possible, yet I was hit by a surprise call as our BD connected me with ex forex professional from Switzerland, named Bertram Seitz. I like to meet likeminded people in crypto space to do something together, especially if we can make something useful for our users. And this time I was amazed by Bertram’s solution called I saw many news apps and coin info platforms that even offer notifications.

As soon as I realized what Bertram was talking about I knew we are a perfect match.

(on the first meeting…)

But this is something different. CoinMarketAlert is all about alerts and not just price alerts – what they have in stake blew my mind as I am now able to set alerts like exclusive launch news directly from an exchange. Or an alert that notifies me whenever the crypto market volume changes. Plus, they are moving fast and adding alert types and news sources on a weekly basis.

I didn’t have to explain much, just a couple of words about our webhook-based PalmaExecutor and 30 exchanges and we both were mainly laughing with our lips up to the ears knowing we are on something big! Bertram together with Roderick, that I have met at the next meeting, immediately started to upgrade their webhook to become PalmaBot Executor Enabled partners.

Easily track your portfolio with free alerts and trade execution on more than 30 exchanges and +4000 trading pairs.

Remember I mentioned I love when I figure out a win-win situation with a partner that gives added value for users?! Now, imagine this: you can now set an alert from an aggregate of news feeds filtered by your selected keyword, set up the alert’s webhook with predefined trade parameters, and execute that trade as soon as the alert arrives directly to PalmaBot on Telegram. See more here: No more FOMO, no more scarcity that you will miss something, and before all, no more risking of your life activities for the sake of waiting for something to happen so you can react the right time and with the right move.

And another great thing for you – CoinMarketAlert recently launched all their alerts for free! You can easily set up your account and set as many alerts as you want! Together with our DEMO mode, you can now experience real-time exclusive-alert driven trading completely without risking your own money. However, they offer some other features you might like, and for this occasion, it’s their treat for a gold coupon. Get a full platform unlocked as you use this coupon DUWZQn after you visited CoinMarketAlert via this link: special CoinMarketAlert invite link.

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