Go to Palma on Telegram (here) and command it: /myreferral

You believe PalmaBot is your best personal digital financial assistant that everybody should have access to. On top of that, you like it’s super easy to use button driven workflow that is as well the fastest trading UX. Plus, you see many benefits in a multi-exchange environment combined with real-time data processing that enables unseen possibilities starting with real-time arbitrage opportunities. Click the Telegram icon and command to Palma /myreferral:

We have good news for you! We prepared PalmaReferral system so you are able to:

share PalmaBot with your beloved ones

provide your investor / trader friends a reward and

even start earning.

But before you dig in on how you can start making this world better and even earn with it, we would like you to thoroughly read our guidelines that will provide you and your referrals with better knowledge and understanding of financial world – please read our Proof of Knowledge protocol guidelines

Now you are all set to enable better chances on financial success for anybody you like:

  1. Invite by sending your referral link (see “step-by-step guide”)
  2. Both with your friend receive 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus each (more about PalmaBonus) and
  3. If any of your referrals starts paying us we will share 15% with you (see referral case below).

Referral use case

    • Let’s say you invited 20 of your friends and family (or members of your weekly meetup group), where 10 of them clicked on your referral link (or scanned your referral QR code).
    • That means each of your 13 friends will get 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus, plus You get 13 times 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus (for each referral) which is 39 EUR of PalmaBonus (that is enough for 3 months of PalmaPRO Classic Package for example, see pricing table for more details).
    • Let’s say that 2 of your referral friends find out the way how they can actively make money with PalmaBot automized features (PalmaPRO Classic Package), where as 3 of your friends start doing arbitrage (Trader Package) and another 4 become investors (Investor Package).
    • That means you will be earning real money from PalmaBot monthly:
      • 2 x 45,00 EUR x 15%
      • 3 x 15,00 EUR x 15%
      • 4 x 5,00 EUR x 15%
      • Monthly SUM: 23,25 EUR