“Send Your referral link” step by step guide

Here you can find the step by step guide on how you can find and easily send your referral code to anybody you would like.

  1. Go to bot on Telegram
    • Search chats in Telegram for “Palma” or
    • If you are new, go to our Telegram Support Community (LINK) and ask for a referral to get a reward of 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus – this way you will be able to immediately upgrade to Investor Package (see pricing table for more details) or
    • Simply click here (no reward): PalmaBot



  1. You can directly access your referral code by writing to PalmaBot (into conversation window) “/myreferral” or use the button workflow as follows.
  1. If you do not see buttons below the conversation window, click this icon first
  1. Click the “Account” button below the conversation window
  1. Now choose “/myreferral”
  2. And finally show the QR code so your friend can scan your referral or send the referral code anywhere you want via the internet.