Proof of Knowledge


Proof of Knowledge is a protocol that gives guidelines according to which our community behaves. It is not something we’ve made up. It is something that is growing from our users since the beginning.

When we realized we have the most powerful tool for trading in our hands, #PalmaBot, we started to show it to closest friends and family. And the feedback we’ve got was pretty damn not funny at all. Most of them were:

not even able to understand what we did despite simplicity

not to mention what they were saying further on to others due to popular “trading bot” or “signaling” words usage,

And the worst thing was that many kept asking about projects with quick and big returns that “they’ve seen recently” where you do not need to do anything, just send money over (it is easier to believe scammers, unfortunately).

These facts got us worried about the general situation and about people getting ripped of their money. To make financial knowledge accessible to masses, we MUST begin to teach each other directly! We must connect! In this sense we are encouraging our members to:

  • Do it from your heart! Only then you will truly be heard and this way you have a guarantee for a success!
  • Share what you know, what you’ve experienced – givers gain!
  • Provide know-how from the eyes of experience! Don’t just be smart, rather give examples (not just theory).
  • Teach, because only then you will truly understand the essence! And it is crucial for you to understand financial world really well!
  • What is financial freedom? Spread the word, you might be saving someone’s life!


When it comes to money, people lack knowledge. That is because of the schooling system that we adopted worldwide – in it there is no finance management basics and we all know how crucial that knowledge is, especially if you want to become financially independent in your life.

With this awareness we have built these 3 crucial guidelines that you should follow in order to become a successful trader / investor and help others become so:

  1. Manage your assets responsibly! Easy money exists, but it’s rare. If you are looking to get rich quickly: give money without thinking, without responsibility and then just wait for some time doing nothing? You are in the wrong place – rather consider the national lottery, because everything else is probably a scam.
  2. There is no such thing as Guarantee! Even if you cross the street at the green light, nobody can guarantee you that you will not be hit by a car. Bottom-line: Do not over-promise nothing, especially when it comes to financial outcomes! People like to believe great promises, but they as well like to blame others when bad things happen. And you and I do not want to be found guilty!
  3. Trust is good. But control is better! Take care of your own funds. Have control in your hands. Whoever wants to take care of your funds – he is doing it out of his own interest, NOT YOURS!


We are in an era of fastest technical development in human history. That is why new products are coming to the market every day. If it was hard to find a suitable product for your needs a couple of decades ago, it is now hard to choose from a range of products that provide exactly that you need.

On the other hand when dealing with finance, trading and ownership of digital assets it is very important to have knowledge and know-how to be able to succeed. With trustless systems in place, central authorities are no longer needed! Consequently people have access to their valuable assets directly, without a middle man – which is great, until you lose – just because you lacked knowledge, information, was deceived, …


Just sharing is not enough in financial world!

You should be careful when accessing a tool from a “friend”.

  • Many referral systems,
  • but lack of knowledge and
  • a big hunger for money

Led to many scammer activities where the majority even does not know they are a part of a scam. On the other hand, many are engaging new customers by saying lies to them and are deceiving newcomers just for the sake of their own higher income. Suuure, the beast will eat the weakest pray – but this is not something that you teach, right?


You truly understand something only when you try to explain it to somebody else.

Plus, it is of our great interest that with providing PalmaBot to others, people would spread the knowledge and truth. And we here at PalmaBot would like to encourage that as much as possible.

  • If you explain, you truly realize the potential,
  • Share your experience and know how and get rewarded (Referral and PalmaBonus)


Be stronger then others with the knowledge in your hand.

There are several ways you can join this movement:

  • Knowledge Influencer – pick up your favorite social media and start spreading the word.
  • PRO trader – share your view on portfolio in PalmaDEMO and earn PalmaBonus (copy trading possibilities coming in Q1 2020)


More in details what you will earn and where you can do this, please continue here:

By supporting with reward system we would like you to get better as you evolve as a trader. Plus, we would like to give you a chance to earn extras for doing something nice for the community and PalmaBot.