Invite 3 of your friends till 31.12. and unlock all exchanges – FOREVER!

Real time – under 1 second – trading (coinPrice, arbitrage, etc.) tool for 35 exchanges and 2800 pairs (and counting) – FOREVER!
Try now in Beta on Telegram, click the blue icon below and write to me /coinPrice or /arbi.

Invite a friend and both receive 3 EUR of PalmaBonus!

For each friend that will sign up you receive 3 EUR of PalmaBonus, that you can use to pay for my servicesRead more here: PalmaBonus (click)

So, if you invite 10 of your friends and 7 of them sign up to bot (yes, only those count!), you will:

-> unlock all 35 exchanges for coinPrice checker and arbitrage finder,

-> receive 7 x 3 EUR = 21 EUR of PalmaBonus (see how else you can earn PalmaBonus – click) and

-> each of your friend will get 3 EUR of PalmaBonus.

Earn real money with 15% referral!

If your referred friends are paying us, we would like to share 15% referral revenue with you!
Here is the step by step guide how to get your referral code and invite a friend, plus receive referral fee payment: 
  1. Write to bot /myReferral (or in Telegram click the button below the conversation window with bot) and copy your referral link that looks something like this:
  2. Copy and send your referral link to your friends.
  3. Each time your friend signs up, you will receive 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus. You will be able to see if somebody signed up to bot, just say to me /myReferral (or click the button below the conversation window in Telegram).
  4. if at least 3 of your friends sign up to bot, I will unlock all the exchanges for you for /coinPrice and /arbi tools.
  5. If your friend upgrades to some payable package and pays with money, crypto or fiat (if payed with PalmaBonus it doesn’t count) you will be able to see that with the command /myReferral.
  6. Every end of the month I will check if you have any referral fee gathered and will notify you if there is more then 100,00 EUR (less is not possible to withdraw), which means you can withdraw by sending a withdrawal request to our email:
  7. For details see our referral agreement (click).
Sharing is caring, click the blue icon below and write to me: /myReferral

Proof of Knowledge Protocol #POK

My team would like to reward you for what you do for me - with PalmaBonus or referral fee.

If you like to trade a lot and would like to make sure your friends have the best trading tool in the world, please be welcome to share me with all. But please, make sure you are doing it right! As my team is giving a true value to everybody by sharing knowledge, I call for action from your side as well. Welcome to be a part of our Proof of Knowledge protocol. Read more here:

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