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Connect to our partner platform, create your own or ask your Trading System Provider if it is PalmaExecutor Enabled.

  • Connect PalmaExecutor – get connection string from PalmaBot and copy-paste to your trading system. Read more…
  • Exercise Strategies in Real Time – risk free DEMO mode with 1 DEMO Bitcoin on PalmaBot platform. Read more…
  • Switch to Real Money – setup API access, PalmaBot never stores your API keys. Read more…

Show Case #1

  1. Do your TA and figure out support lines (see picture below)
  2. Create 2 recurring alerts on TradingView
    • sell small amounts at upper crossover
    • buy same amounts at lower crossover
  3. Automate and follow via PalmaBot

Show Case #2

  1. Go to and click “create new alert”.
  2. Choose Exclusive News Alert.
  3. Receive exclusive news alerts to Telegram directly and execute the trade with a single click.


To try out how simple it is to connect and automate your winning strategies with management on the go!

More about executor features read here.