Boost Your Trading System!

Connect, Automate, Manage Order Execution. on Mobile.

Ask Your Trading System Provider if it is PalmaExecutor Enabled, like:


Automate instant buy / sell with maker fee schedule and let PalmaBot do the trades for you with real time DEMO mode option for over 2000 trading pairs ON ANY EXCHANGE (23 and counting…)!


PalmaExecutor platform for PRO digital asset traders offers real-time execution of any custom trading signals / alerts / strategies provider on PalmaBot supported exchanges (40 and counting) and coin/market pairs (5000+).

After you have created custom strategy at your favorite alert / strategy / signal provider and maybe back-test it, you are ready to:

  • Connect PalmaExecutor – get connection string from PalmaBot and copy-paste to alert setup. Read more…
  • Exercise Strategies in Real Time – risk free DEMO mode with 1 DEMO Bitcoin on PalmaBot platform. Read more…
  • Switch to Real Money – setup API access, PalmaBot never stores your API keys. Read more…

Show Case #1

  1. Do your TA and figure out support lines (see picture below)
  2. Create 2 recurring alerts on TradingView
    • sell small amounts at upper crossover
    • buy same amounts at lower crossover
  3. Automate and follow via PalmaBot

Show Case #2

  1. Go to Coinalyze alert subpage (Main Menu – Alerts).
  2. Choose Bitmex ETHUSD Longs Liquidations > 10 alert.
  3. Automate buy ETHEUR on Bitstamp via PalmaBot – as longs loquidations happen the price dips – buy here and wait for price to jump back up.


To try out how simple it is to connect and automate your winning strategies with management on the go!

More about executor features read here.