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Architecture wise PalmaBot has many parts, but this one is crucial for you to be able to execute trades as soon as the signal arrives or as soon as you wish to buy or sell any of more than 300 coins on 7 markets and over 20 crypto exchanges.


With all exchanges and in any case (even with Instant buy or sell) PalmaBot will execute trades with maker fee schedule. Something that traders really love with PalmaBot. This is possible due to our one of a kind execution technique of quick placing of limit orders until the trades get through! And in most cases the price negotiated is even better then you expected.

API KEYS REQUIRED (NOT for DEMO mode – read more…)

And this is the part that requires API keys from your exchange accounts – good news, we enabled mobile banking level security with Zero Data App architecture, which means we never store your API keys or any personal data on our servers!


  1. Direct call -> use commands /buy or /sell.
  2. Built-in service -> You will notice that when receiving a signal (see Picture 1).
  3. Trade Executor for 3rd party Trading System Providers -> Read more here…
Picture 1: signal notification with built-in trade executor

If you would like to use PalmaBot Executor as automation tool for your trading system like TradingView with the possibility to test your strategies with DEMO Bitcoin, read more here: Executor Manual. Or if you would like to occasionally buy or sell with standardized UX for all implemented exchanges, just go to PalmaBot on Telegram and write to it /sell or /buy – use this link: PalmaBot on Telegram.

Where as in case of the built-in feature (buy, sell, balance) the executor serves as the crucial feature that enables users to execute – and actually do profit, e.g. use what they have come up with. For now we implemented 3 types of such executor usage:

  1. CoinPrice command – you can at any time ask PalmaBot about the real time price for any of more then 2000 trading pairs on over 20 exchanges – and PalmaBot will serve you with the live price chart within a second, providing you the ability the execute buy or sell with the fastest trading workflow – the Executor!
  2. Signal notification – PalmaBot provides 2 types of signals for now (/diff and /abs), where you will be notified as soon as the requested action happens (usually a price change) and there you will have the ability to react instantly by using buy or sell from the executor (see Picture 1).
  3. External Alert / Strategy providers like TradingView or Coinalyze – in this case the data provider is one of the external providers, that is possible to connect via webhook – as soon as the alert is pushed to PalmaBot, you will get a notification that will provide you with the ability to execute the trade instantly or even automate your strategy. For more info, goo to bot and type /xc

For advanced traders and users that like to automate their trading, PalmaBot Executor enables automated features like Stop Loss and Take Profit with trailing functionalities that are accessible all for free to try out with limited trade volume or via our DEMO mode. For unlimited trade volumes, see Pricing.

See the video below, so you can see executor in action with some automated features.