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Connect PalmaBot with Poloniex

1. Login or register on Poloniex https://poloniex.com

2. Enter User ID and password

3. If you use 2FA enter code (recommended)

4. Navigate to the menu in the upper right hand corner (SeKngs Symbol) and select “API KEYS”

5. If you haven’t enabled the API access yet on your account you must enable the usage of API keys first

6. After you clicked on “Enable API” you have to confirm your action with your 2FA (if enabled)

7. Now you have to confirm the change via email, after that you can create your API key by clicking
“Create New Key”

8. Confirm again via 2FA (if enabled)

9. Now you have to confirm your acUons via email again. Then you will be redirected to your created
API key, where you can now enable the permissions you want and whitelist the IP’s of your choice
(under IP address filter) including palmas IP
For that just change the “IP Access Restriction”. After that click on “Edit” and then on “Save” to
whitelist the IP’s.
You will have to confirm each acUon via 2FA (if enabled) and via email.
Once you have done that copy and paste your API key and your secret to PalmaBot API SeKngs.

10. After you have copied all the data into PalmaBot API settings, check that you have chosen the right
exchange and click test and save API data

Congratulations! You just connected PalmaBot with your Poloniex account.

To see video guide how you can copy and paste your API keys from laptop / desktop exchange account to your mobile device, click here: API installation guide video.