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Connect PalmaBot with LBank:

1. Login or register on LBank h1ps://

2. Enter User ID and password and complete captcha, then click “Confirm

Connect PalmaBot with LBank

  1. If you use 2FA enter code (recommended)

4. Navigate to the menu in the upper right hand corner (your username or email address) and select “My API

5. Now you can enable the permissions you want, enter a API name and whitelist the IP’s of your choice (under IP address filter) including palmas IP
Now you have to click on “Send” bu1on to receive confirmaRon email code for API creaRon. Check your emails and enter the code provided. ATer you have successfully entered the code you have 60 seconds to do the rest.

Enter the 2FA code (if enabled)
Once you have done that click on “Add

6. Copy and paste the API Key data and the Secret into PalmaBot API SeZngs. Then click “Confirm

7. ATer you have copied all the data into PalmaBot API seZngs, check that you have chosen the right exchange and click test and save API data

Congratulations! You just connected PalmaBot with your LBank account.