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Connect PalmaBot with Kraken

  1. Login or register on Kraken

2. Enter User ID, password and 2FA code (if enabled)

3. Navigate to the menu in the upper right hand corner and select “Settings” and then “API

4. Now click on “Generate API Key

5. Now you can enable the permissions you want. You can leave the field “Nonce Window” at 0.
Once you have done that click on “Generate Key

6. Copy and paste the API Key data and the Secret into PalmaBot API Settings. Then click “Back to key
” After that your key is actvated and you can move on to the next step.

7. After you have copied all the data into PalmaBot API settings, check that you have chosen the right
exchange and click test and save API data


Kraken does not allow for IP addresses to be directly whitelisted during the API key setup
(which is rather common on other exchanges). That means that for your own protecLon you
may or may not chose to whitelist IP addresses manually on the exchange. JUST BE AWARE
that in this case, you have to whitelist not only the IP address from palma, but also your own
IP address as well! If you would fail to do so, it may happen that you would lock yourself out
of your own exchange account.
WhitelisLng an IP address means creaLng a list of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from
which you have access to your exchange. This process is a security measure to ensure the
limitaLon and control access only to trusted IP’s. So that no one else can access your
exchange unauthorised.
To advance your security measurements we advise whitelisLng our server IP address next to your device IPs in exchange API secLon on all of your exchanges.

Congratulations! You just connected PalmaBot with your Kraken account.

To see video guide how you can copy and paste your API keys from laptop / desktop exchange account to your mobile device, click here: API installation guide video.