CEO & Co-founder
COO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-founder
Legal Advisor

Formal education and interests in the field of law, economics, entrepreneurship and liturgy music.

Marketing Advisor

Obsessed with metrics and analytics. He wants to know what works and what doesn't.Optimizing campaign

DevOps / Software Engineer

Functional Programmer & Clojurist. The Linux Guy. Away from keybord: Le Radfahrer & ein comedien amat

Trainer, facilitator and moderator in non-formal education since 2009. Specialties: team and group le

High flying expert in financial industry, with 25+ years international experience.

High flying expert in financial industry, with 15+ years experience as professor at university.

Creative trader

Free and creative mind. Millennial with passion for organization and social media enthusiast. Trader.

Business Development

Entrepreneur - Business developer - Blockchain and Crypto enthusiast - ICO, IEO and startup advisor

Marketing Director

Communications expert, event management and social media.

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