We at Palmabot are in love with blockchain technologies. We do it 24/7 from big bang in There is no mountain we can’t climb but still we look like everybody else. It is the passion we try to embed into our work and we do it diligently with a touch of respect – every day. Our vision is taking shape with hard work of each and every member of PalmaBot family.

Technological perfection is what makes us better. Patents, cutting edge technology, state of the art solutions. This is something where we start from. Almost every solution is tailor-made. Out of the box thinking is a must.

We would like to invite Python expert to join our team. It is massive, it is real-time, it is huge, responsive, and even more, it is fin tech where a small mistake could mean disaster.


  • build real-time asyncio web-socket connectors for data-acquisition from various exchanges using their APIs
  • write a secure protocol for doing user KYC with the Telegram chat-bot app
  • implement FIX protocol to communicate with bank clients
  • connect accounting services with PalmaBot platform
  • upgrade UX with data-driven AI

It is not for anybody, but the reward is therefore priceless. Join our international team, send us your application to janez@palmabot.com.