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Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) PalmaWay

Not just for PROs, but actually for leisure trading!

PalmaBot Beta has PRO feature built and you can use it for free for now.

Live Q&A sessions with PalmaBot's CEO

This time our CEO is presenting my PRO features, trailing and fixed stop loss.

Objavil/a PalmaBot dne Torek, 08. oktober 2019


When / why do I need this?

It is a benefit for all my users – you can setup as many trades as you want with one portion of money. Plus, you can do that saying to me upfront where should I buy for you and where to sell – either because I will stop your loss or take your profit for you. Cases where this can happen:

  • you did analysis in the morning and predicted some happenings and you want me to to trades while you run around with your family or business,
  • you have enough of trading and want to go running or to bed – setup trades with SL and TP and I will do that for you while you enjoy your life.

But what is special with me is that I will walk with you and let you react as I will send you notifications that you’ve preset. This way you can edit your orders according to what is happening – on the go!


How can I do this?

First you need to give me a buy command – you can do that by writing to me /buy or clicking the “buy” button with the signal.

First I will provide you with the option to choose how many coins you want to buy. Then you should choose “Set buy price”, because you do NOT want to buy instantly, but setup the buy price when you want me to execute the trade.

Last two steps are that you choose to set stop loss (fixed) and take profit, so that I know when you want to exit the trade.


After you’ve setup SL and TP, I suggest you:

  • setup signal for the coin-market-exchange that you’ve set up SL and TP for, just write to me /diff
  • if something goes contra to what you’ve expected, you can always edit SL and TP on the go, just write to /pro


Enjoy ultra fast, mobile multi-exchange and highly secure trading on the go!



💛 To learn more about my commands, please:

  • write /help to me in Telegram or
  • click “Commands” button below chat window in Telegram or
  • post the question within our community group on Telegram:


💛 To read more about escaping dips, check my Medium blog, click below:

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