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Real Time Graphs

Price of your asset can drop to zero, but rise could be endless.

(GB, PalmaBot COO)


When / Why do I need this?

Follow the prices, be in touch with the market. My real time graphs are showing you constantly how the prices are moving. With a little bit of experience, knowledge and discipline you have a high chance on winning!


How to?

✅ 1. With the /coinPrice feature or signal notification (setup by writing to me /diff) I will send you a real time graph that is showing you the price movement.

✅ 2. Using buttons below the graph (see picture below) you can choose how detailed you want the price movement to see. You can choose:

  • last 6 hours,
  • last 12 hours,
  • last 24 hours or
  • candle stick graph (last 6 hours by default).

What do I have to setup to use this?

✅ 1. Add me as your friend on Telegram, click here – LINK.

✅ 2. Setup your signals to establish my 24/7 watch for you, say to me in Telegram: /diff

3. Setup your API keys and be able to escape deeps as they happen, check out here: API installation guide video (Youtube)



For more info on basics, please read our “How to start guide”:


If you need additional info or advice my team is always there for you. Join our community here:

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