1. Bitstamp

To redeem Bitstamp’s bonus code, go to bitstamp.net/account/redeem_coupon/ or use the Bitstamp app. The bonuses we’re handing out today will only work for the first 20 people who redeem the code, so go for it!

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2. Novadax

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3. Finxflo

Finxflo exclusively opened the private pre-sale deal for you with 5 cents locked and 7 cents un-locked price (public pre-sale now 10 cents). You can access it by applying via this email and adding the keyword “goodEbag”: lili@finxflo.com

To check out their public ICO deal with whitepapers, visit them here: https://www.finxflo.com/

4. APEX Crypto Fund

is offering you a free entrance to the hedge fund, see more details here: https://www.apexhf.com/

5. CoinMarketAlert

code for 1 month of full free account, coupon code: DUWZQn, link: https://coinmarketalert.com/page/affiliate/mltdUOsuRE4wDmNWCf91S8JHSF6rJzzz

6. Accointing

is providing a 20% discount link to all their record keeping / taxation services: https://accointing.com/en/en?discount=PALMABOT


is offering a zero fee access for opening an account portfolio: https://www.fimainvest.com/pocetna-ponuda-za-fima-global-income-builder-i-fima-see-income-builder/

For additional questions and info, please contact our support@palmabot.com


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