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PalmaDEMO Public Alpha Release Guide

Real Time Data – Live Situations – Zero Risk!

Unique Multi-Exchange learning tool (no API keys installation needed!) that will always stay in Freemium!

When / Why do I need this?!

Last month was a crazy ride! Not just that our CTO Janez developed some awesome new architecture unique solutions, but as well we kicked in with risk free learning mode PalmaDEMO, some hell of a new user experience and gamification! Find the link to bot below this article.

New architecture…

With our V2.0 solution architecture we managed to get fresh data from more than 30 exchanges in less than a second. That means:

  • you will be getting data faster than you would if watching directly on your exchange account via web browser and
  • arbitrage opportunities refresh every second (/arbi) – real time arbitrage that you can do on your mobile phone on more than 30 exchanges – seems impossible? Keep reading!

User experience…

The major change that is visible from PalmaBot Beta is in real time graphs. What our users were confused about with the old graphs is the value that was shown as the average between last ask and bid. But on newly designed graph you see ask graph separated from bid graph, which gives you an exact overview on what was the best offer in stake.

The rest is in positioning of buttons, cockpit trading and more. Check it out yourself, click the blue icon in the bottom of this article.


Workflow stayed the same as with PalmaBot (signal based: /diff) but you will be able to execute trades risk free! That means you will be given 1 Bitcoin to an exchange you choose. Afterwords you will be able to perform all actions as if it would be the real money:

  • trade for other currencies and tokens,
  • transfer to other exchanges,
  • check and do arbitrage opportunities,
  • and all that with real time data – as if you would be doing it for real!

* When balance is shown for your demo account, notice it stated as “Demo balance…”.


How to?

1. Add me on Telegram: Take my alpha release (or wait a week or two as we will launch beta DEMO within my Beta – PalmaBot a you know me) as your fastest 24/7 trading teacher – risk free! Click the blue Telegram icon:

2. Enter my DEMO mode: Press “Start” (first conversation only) and write to me: /demo

✅ 3. Get your DEMO Bitcoin: Use CoinPrice button and check some coin on the exchange where you want your DEMO (fictional) Bitcoin to show up. (Caution: this is not a real Bitcoin, it is just a simulation, so you can practice trading and other features like transfers risk free etc.).

✅ 4. Setup some signals: I will guide you, start by writing to me in Telegram: /diff

✅ 5. For further assistance, please refer to my:


Enjoy real time data, live situations and zero risk – on your mobile phone for 5 exchanges (and counting)!



💛 To learn more about my commands, please:

  • write /help to me in Telegram or
  • click “Commands” button below chat window in Telegram or
  • post the question within our community group on Telegram:


💛 To read more about escaping dips, check my Medium blog, click below:


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