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PalmaDEMO Learning Tool – Zero Risk Trading Game #PalmaGame

Again it happened – we did something extraordinary but without planning. We just did what it felt is right and something remarkable came out: PalmaGame.

Our first aim was PalmaDEMO – a real time data, live situations learning tool that provides users a zero risk learning environment.

This is how it evolved…

  1. It was clear from the beginning that we need to do a DEMO mode for our product as we got feedback from many early users.
  2. We knew we need to provide a learning tool for beginners. And the only right way to learn is to do it on real data. Not some historical set – although it is better then nothing.
  3. And we knew we need to implement a fictional ledger so to say – a fictional money that will provide risk free learning.

And we did it. We launched public alpha on 15.9.2019, you can read about it here: PalmaDEMO Public Alpha Release. And at this point for further notice I must state again – PalmaDEMO and PalmaPRO are no longer completely zero data apps, but are zero personal data only apps, which means we have to keep user’s trading history data (stop loss, take profit, fictional amount of money,…) whereas we still do not store any personal data.


But here the fun part #PalmaGame only begins…

  1. It all actually started as our CTO Janez implemented the “Hall of Fame”, where you can find the list of all active users of PalmaDEMO with user’s data about current amount calculated in Bitcoin, average number of trades per day and access to his portfolio (see picture below). This way any user can see who is hitting it what kind of coins is he trading with. And so the competition began.
  2. It was not so interesting until our CEO’s Live Q&A Session on Thursday 12.9.2019 (see it here: FB live video). What happened is the /arbi tool usage at the end of the session. What happened is that arbitrages that were shown live were well above 400%. But the opportunity was real although the transfers were not doable (see the comment section of the video). And after the session our COO GB was already leading with a great advantage as he took the arbitrage opportunity of 500% and increased his amount of fictional Bitcoin times 5!
  3. You should see the rest of us – for the rest 30 minutes of the meeting everybody was doing arbitrage with PalmaDEMO 🙂 I immediately knew we did something great here.

Obviously we did a great game that is working on real time data and is providing live situations while doing it risk free and learn as you go, mobile, multi exchange and with signal based workflow.

Plus, it is all in Freemium. Enjoy!


NOTICE #1: you should be aware when doing real arbitrage that sometimes they can not be done due to not working withdrawals or transfers of the coins in the opportunity. In worst cases funds could be lost. In PalmaDEMO arbitrage opportunities are real but the transfers are fictional and will always work as you are dealing with the fictional money.


NOTICE #2: when trading with real money the profit will most of the times be lower than with PalmaDEMO virtual money. That is because in PalmaGame you can always buy or sell unlimited amount of assets with the best ask or bid, because the volumes are not taken into account.



To get more infos on how to use PalmaDEMO, please read the guide here: LINK.

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