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The treasures of Palma Island.

Engage yourself and win (non-refundable) PalmaBonus (1PB equals 1€), so you will never have to pay me a dime.

Plus, buy PalmaToken with PalmaBonus (pre-launch special offer – only for PalmaBonus holders) and exchange PalmaBonus for a refundable asset – coming soon in 2020! 


RULES when Inviting your friends (click).

RULES for Social Media:

  1. Like our FB page:
  2. Like the #POK post
  3. Comment or share the #POK post (or both) – the text should contain:
    • Tag #POK and
    • Tag @PalmaBot
  4. Send us a picture / screenshot of your post like the one on the right.


How does it work?

With each like+share | like+comment you will be rewarded with PalmaBonus. You may use your PalmaBonus to purchase PalmaBot products and services (see the bottom section). However the bonus is not refundable.

How much Bonus do I get?

It depends on the quality of your comments. Low quality comments will be reworded with less PB than high quality comments that will be reworded with up to 13PB (=13€). My team will evaluate your content and your action by the proof of knowledge protocol. Follow this link and read more about proof of knowledge and the magic behind it:



  • Only certain posts count for PalmaBonus reward – search for “Proof of Knowledge” tag #POK.
  • The posts that will count for reward system will be time limited.
  • We will evaluate shares and comments at the end of each campaign. So, the sooner you post, the better reach you will get and more PalmaBonus you will receive.
  • Each PalmaBonus received is valid for 12 months.
  • PalmaBonus is not transferable among users.
  • Only PalmaBonus received due too invited active users and social media activities with at least middle quality content will be redeemable in PalmaCoin. With this rule we would like to cut out all automated activities of this kind.

Pay with PalmaBonus

PalmaBot Packages: link to pricing

1 signal per month: 2 EUR

1 exchange per month: 2 EUR

Check traders portfolio: 3 EUR

Buy PalmaToken: will be announced!

Earn PalmaBonus

Invite a friend: 3 EUR per sign up

Win Palma quiz: 3 EUR  (Proof of Knowledge – link)

Sign up via invite: 3 EUR

Show DEMO portfolio (coming soon in Q4 2019): 2 EUR per view


Social media engagement: FB, TW, LI
Like & Comment

High quality comment: 7 EUR

Middle quality comment: 3 EUR

Low quality comment: 1 EUR

Like & Share

High quality caption: 13 EUR

Middle quality caption: 9 EUR

Low quality caption: 5 EUR

No caption: 3 EUR

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