The Missing Link Between Trading Systems and Crypto Exchanges

17th of November 2020, 5 pm CET

Kindly invited to participate in an eminent company of experts from different fields of the financial markets. Together, we will be showcasing the latest crypto trading technology that is changing the industry – PalmaExecutor, where alert driven strategies will include trading system providers and exchanges – featuring: TradingView, CoinMarketAlert, Coinalyze, Binance, Bitstamp and Novadax.

“As the team thrives, the work gets recognized and sometimes even changes the industry!”

Jernej Vrčko, CEO & Co-founder of PalmaBot

NOTICE: By attending this event you agree we record it and use it for our marketing purposes and that we can live stream the event via youtube publicly. However, if you do not like to be visible, make sure to switch off your camera as you join the event.

At our exclusive annual event, we will host the most visible creators of the blockchain environment presenting top-notch showcases sharing monetization possibilities across different industries. Discover your potential, join PalmaReloaded.

A fully online conference will bring together key industries from across the globe.

SPECIAL NOTICE for all visitors to the event!
All speakers and partners of PalmaReloaded event are preparing Good-e-Bag for you! All intended to make your trading experience even more fun and easier to engage with. Presents from the Good-e-Bag will be delivered to you at the event. Get ready for some surprises!

The world-leading digital assets trading execution platform PalmaExecutor shapes crypto beyond your imagination. It does not just chat with AI anymore, it evolved into a global digital execution platform available for any crypto business to upgrade its services to a completely new level.

More on PalmaExecutor, please read here:


1. Speakers will deliver high-value information from the crypto trading industry via an online event with an innovative approach where you will be able to participate and engage (notice our Good-e-bags). Zoom link will be shared via the Eventbrite system and all our communication channels and social media. However, we advise you to apply for the event here.

2. In parallel with the main venue – speakers’ online conference – there will be a live discussion with Q&A going on via our support community on Telegram (join here: PalmaBot Community) and via Zoom’s chat.

3. Throughout the event 3 showcases of PalmaExecutor real-time trading strategies will be presented, each for one of the PalmaExecutor enabled systems: TradingView, CoinMarketAlert, and Coinalyze.


Polona B. Bastar, Bitstamp’s strategic business development specialist and a core part of Bitstamp’s global business development team.

Polona is currently focused on growing opportunities for trading firms that either want to trade cryptocurrencies (B2B) or want to offer trading services to their own clients (B2B2C). She combines her extensive knowledge of the crypto industry she entered in 2014 with her previous experience in entrepreneurship and high-tech startups to find ways finance companies can effectively leverage crypto in their business models.

David Belle, TradingView’s UK Growth Director and Founder of Macrodesiac – Macro news and views direct to your inbox every day.

Last decade David dedicated to the financial industry within research, education, and professional trading aspects. Last 5 years he devoted his professional life to Forex and Macro. In 2019, he founded Macrodesiac and in January 2020 took over the TradingView growth team in the UK.

Luka Kapetanic, Founder & Editor-in-Chief @ CoinSynCom, Strategic Advisor @ Blockchain Revolution, Creative Lead @ Finxflo.

Luka is an insider of the cryptocurrency market since 2015. In the beginning, he was building mining rigs and producing content and trading tutorials for many relevant crypto-related publications. Nowadays, his main occupation is the creative lead in the budding crypto industry leader, Finxflo.

Cesar Trevisan, Head of Business Development at Novadax Crypto Exchange, one of the fastest-growing fully regulated exchanges globally that entered EU markets recently.

Cesar’s last decade was dedicated to the business areas in the engineering and software sectors. Enthusiast of new technologies and the crypto industry where he started in 2018, now leads the business development strategies in Novadax a large Brazilian exchange in the global expansion process.

Dennis Wohlfarth, Co-founder, and COO of

After finishing a master’s in mechanical engineering and working on research projects at the University of Stuttgart, he fully focused on crypto investments and project development for the crypto space since 2015. End of 2018 he Co-founded and works full time on Accointing since then.

Milan Horvat, CEO of FIMA, experienced Entrepreneur and Consultant with a long and rich history of working in the financial services industry and investment banking.

Has been operating on the capital market for the last 30 years and is also active on the digital asset market and on the crypto market offering crypto investments as an option for traditional investors with fully regulated institutional level management since 2017.

Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak, m.b.econ., senior lecturer at Faculty of Commercial and Business Sciences, Celje, Slovenia for subject Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency

With decades of experience in the lecturing field, Mirjana always makes sure that students get in touch with the latest financial trends, innovative technologies, and business models from a communication and business perspective.

Bertram Seitz, Co-Founder and CEO of

with more than three decades in capital markets in several European countries he has a recognized expertise in brokerage, capital markets and e-trading solutions.

Igor Cei, Co-Founder of APEX Investments Hedge Fund

Igor has many years of experience in investments in crypto, plus over 20 active years in successful financial projects. With his proficient knowledge in crypto and mastery in new trends recognition, he successfully co-founded Apex fund.


Katja Damij, Co-founder and CEO of APEX Investments Hedge Fund

Licensed gold dealer. With years of experience working with investors in financial, private banking and crypto products. History of leading innovative investment projects. Licenses: insurance, investment funds, stock broker, DPO, GDPR, AML, ECQA Certified EU Project Manager.

Max Lurya, Chief Operating Officer of GlobalB Law and host of Blockchain Economy 2020, Max Lurya is passionate about OFAC/FinCEN compliance and other regulatory matters affecting the cryptocurrency space.

Raised in California, Max spent the better half of the last decade in Istanbul. He is fluent in Turkish and is a respected leader in the Turkish crypto community, reportedly the largest in Europe. In addition to his work to advance the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, he is a classically trained pianist and a commercial composer.


Martin Roennebeck, Strategic Advisor of PalmaBot, CEO of Palmatrix

After spending over 25 years in Banking Operations and IT in many international hotspots of the financial world, he fell in love with the crypto space in 2016, was taken away by the energy in this area, and contributed to numerous projects within different communities.

Gregor Boltar, Co-founder & COO of PalmaBot

Washed up pro on capital market for more than 25 years who miraculously found last pieces of energy to share with crypto evolution.

Janez Kostanjšek, Co-founder & CTO of PalmaBot

Forever in IT, running global IT deliveries, establishing high-performance R&D teams worldwide, and now deep into crypto for the last 3 years. Buckle up, anything is possible.

Jernej Vrčko, Co-Founder and CEO of PalmaBot

with over 20 years of experience in the digital industry and over 10 years in team leadership and startup development, he turned his course towards the digital assets landscape in 2015.



16:30 Zoom Meeting Start

  • Event Schedule Slideshow with Music

17:00 PalmaReloaded Moderators’ Welcome Session

  • Welcome from Moderators
  • GoodEbags and Showcases Intro
  • Schedule Intro

17:15 Discussion Round 1: The Rise of Exchanges

  • Polona B. Bastar, Bitstamp
  • Cesar Trevisan, Novadax
  • Luka Kapetanic, Finxflo
  • Janez Kostanjšek, PalmaBot

17:40 Break #1

  • GoodEbags Hunt #1
  • Breakout Rooms’ Mingling

17:50 Discussion Round 2: Trading Systems and Users’ Needs

  • David Belle, TradingView
  • Igor Cei, APEX
  • Bertram Seitz,
  • Jernej Vrčko, PalmaBot

18:15 Break #2

  • GoodEbags Hunt #2
  • Breakout Rooms’ Mingling

18:25 Discussion Round 3: Regulatory Framework and Reporting Services

  • Mirjana Ivanuša-Bezjak, FKPV Faculty
  • Milan Horvat, FIMA
  • Dennis Wohlfarth,
  • Gregor Boltar, PalmaBot

18:50 Closing Ceremony

  • GoodEbags Hunt #3
  • PalmaExecutor Launch
  • Final Hello from Moderators and Speakers

19:00 Banquet: Q&A Discussion Sessions with Speakers

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