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PalmaBot provides you not just with news and custom signals, but as well with instant buy/sell options and various planned ahead buy/sell orders and advance cross-exchange fund management!

Check out our one of a kind solution for real time data processing and trade execution. All via mobile messenger based platforms. Top news. From simple to advance trade orders, with signals and metrics. Cross-exchange portfolio management. Cross-exchange and people to people transfer of funds with help of QR code. Advanced crypto arbitrage. All within a reach of a few clicks on phone, computer, every operating system. Simple and fast, Really fast. Trading psychology orientated. Go out , take care of yourself, don’t trade too much, just enjoy life , we provide you a tool to trade and be free. Enjoy your time under Palma. Have a bot who do work for you – PalmaBot.


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We aim to provide you with best trading environment, with concepts and metrics adjusted to your needs.

Advance research and 30 years of experience within our team, with help of many psychological studies provide us with important guidelines, how to provide a more balanced and modern life-style oriented asset management. Explore our trading psychology tips, be at your best state of mind when trading and learn how to get there with simple techniques. Trading is very demanding in psychological way, so it demands a lot of work on other (not trading) levels of your life. We provide tips with ultimate goal, be confident, be calm, explore in the right direction, be rational with your concepts and go to your happy place more often. Live your life more fully – with less stress!

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