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The signal is a reminder of a change in course movement.

A signal is sent when the observed investment reaches the desired rate or moves by a certain percentage. Eg: Let me know every time the price of Bitcoin changes by 2%. No more long hours of work on the computer. Signals inform you only about what you order, command or what you need.

Imagine ordering your broker to call you when an investment reaches the rate at which you are ready to buy or sell. Or have him call you every time the rate changes by a certain percentage (e.g. 3%). Now imagine how much would such personal assistance cost you.
PalmaBot observes the market 24/7 and informs you about the desired information. However, it is very important that you can react to the information received (buy/sell) as fast as possible when something happens on the stock market (the snow on the stock the market is melting rather fast).
When you receive a signal, it is also equipped with BUY and SELL commands, and from the received signal you can very easily make a purchase or sale.
Better yet, PalmaBot works on a mobile phone (of course within the internet signal area) and you don’t have to be locked in one place with your computer. Take your phone with you and let yourself enjoy life, carefree knowing you will be notified as soon as a change happens. PalmaBot is watching out for you.

/diff signal – (difference in % )
We set the signal to a certain sensitivity (eg 1%). This means that we will be notified whenever an investment increases or falls by 1% based on the selected Market. Of course, we can adjust the sensitivity (from 0.1% to 50%).
If we want to be up-to-date on a daily basis, we should choose greater sensitivity eg. (0.1% -2%) However, if we are a long-term investor and want to be informed only when major shifts happen, then we should set lower sensitivity e.g. (5% -15% or more).

/abs signal – (absolute price)
We use this when we want to be informed that our investment has reached a certain value in the selected Market (eg, notify me when the BTC exchange rate is 11.530$).