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  1. Install Telegram App (if you haven’t done so yet):
    • Go to
    • Choose to download and install according to which device you are working on:

2. Add PalmaBot as your friend on Telegram App. You can do that several ways…

a) The best way is to go to our support community on Telegram (link) where you can ask for a referral code. Everybody will be happy to assist, because this is great for many reasons:

-> You will receive 3 EUR worth of PalmaBonus (read more here) that you can spend purchasing Palma Packages (read more here).

-> The referral code provider will as well receive 3 EUR worth of PalmaBonus.

-> Within this community channel users help each other with technical analysis, good practices and know how on trading and finance management according to POK – Proof of Knowledge protocol (read more here).

-> Community will grow stronger!

b) Click here on this link.

c) Go to Telegram app and search for “Palma” with username “palma11bot”.

d) Go to our frontpage and click the Telegram icon on the right: