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If you don’t want to miss another opportunity using exclusive news, you can now use CoinMarketAlert. First (after you have created an account there – use promo CODE DUWZQn for full access while all alerts are free forever! – LINK) create an alert with predefined trade parameters on CoinMarketAlert platform then execution will be covered by PalmaBot Executor – then execute with manual confirmation or automate and manage on the GO:

Choose option “CMA trade execution powered by PalmaBot”, input connection string that you can get from PalmaBot using /xc command and hit test button to you used correct parameters.
  1. choose Receive notification option “CMA trade execution powered by PalmaBot”
  2. go to PalmaBot and write command /xc
  3. copy and paste connection string to “Callback Extra Parameters” field
  4. click test button.
Write to PalmaBot /xc to get the connection string to copy paste to alert’s “Callback Extra Parameters” field.

After you have successfully connected PalmaBot Executor with the alert, you will get the test message after clicking the test button.

The test message arrives directly to your conversation with PalmaBot on Telegram. Now you can automate already the action – that means it will automatically execute the trade as the alert notification arrives.

Or you execute with a single click as the alert arrives. The connection string I used here is this one:

strategy_id=NewsCMARealXRP demo=NO command=buy exchange=exmo coinmarket=XRPUSDT amount=1000

By clicking “Execute buy” you execute what you predefined within the alert setup.

As you receive the notification you can still check the price and other news and decide on your move. If you decide to execute, you can do it with a single click: Execute.

Happy trading!