Coinalyze real time alert with PalmaBot Executor Instant Buy SL-TP parameters

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In this strategy case I will introduce how you can use Coinalyze real time alerts with PalmaBot Executor extended version of order automation with Stop Loss and Take Profit parameter setup.

1. Go to page and setup any type of alert (price, price change, liquidations, etc.).

Click “Create alert” on (or edit an existing one).

2. Choose type of alert with needed parameters and enable PalmaBot Executor webhook (checkbox)

Enable PalmaBot Executor webhook.

3. Input all parameters, use the string example below (and customize values) to set “INSTANT BUY WITH STOP LOSS AND TAKE PROFIT” (instant sell is not yet implemented) – you need to write to PalmaBot /xc to get your own code – as well you will see that PalmaBot gives you only the basic string (stop_loss and take_profit parameters need to be added manually – see the string below):

Write to PalmaBot /xc and it will provide you with info that you need for webhooking the alert. You will need to add SL and TP parameters.

The connection string with SL and TP parameters:

code=InputYourOwnThatPalmaWillSendAndDontShowToAnybody strategy_id=Buy-Sl-Tp demo=YES command=sl_tp exchange=binance coinmarket=ADAUSDT amount=1000 stop_loss=2% trailing=0 take_profit=1%

4. Now you copy and paste the connection string besides other parameters on Coinalyze alert create / edit page.

Copy and paste the connection string from PalmaBot /xc command to Coinalyze alert creation page and adjust parameters.

If you set all the parameters right, you should get a success message notification directly to PalmaBot (not supported in TradingView). However, if you did some wrong input parameters, the system will send you the error message notification to PalmaBot.

As the alert notification arrives, just hit Execute to do Instant buy (with maker fee schedule) and set stop loss and take profit with in alert preset values (SL=2%, TP=1%).

Happy trading!