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PalmaBot is actually a “chatbot app”. What that means is that PalmaBot will with each command of yours serve you all next possible steps (that should be executed as fast as possible) in form of buttons.

NOTICE – if you do NOT SEE the system buttons, you need to click the “switch to buttons” icon:

There are 3 types of buttons:

1. System buttons

the ones that are always visible under the conversation window:

  • coinPrice
    • Choose among more than 300 coins to analyse live price chart, news or buy and sell instantly.
  • trade
    • Check Palma’s range of possible trade workflows (we are adding them on a weekly basis) from simple buy / sell commands to PalmaPRO range of possibilities.
  • signals
    • Access the list of all your active signals or create new ones.
  • account
    • access your personal account, select your prefered language, access your referral code to invite friends with 3 EUR worth PalmaBonus giveaway.
  • commands
    • Access all basic commands and see what else Palma has in stake.
  • demo
    • Access demo mode and enjoy paper trading with 1 fictional Bitcoin, real time data, real life situations and zero risk learning!

2. Inline buttons

the ones that are provided within bot’s answers (see picture below), so you can react instantly – faster then any mobile app UI (see video “Bitstamp app Vs PalmaBot” here) – or when your confirmation is needed (top security under your control). Some examples:

  • Buy / sell instantly as the notification (signal or coinPrice) arrives.
  • Graph zooming buttons to see price movement from different perspectives,
  • Balance button to confirm access to your exchange account.

3. Options buttons

            Are buttons that will show up below the conversation window within the workflow as you will have many possibilities like while choosing:

  • Coin (coinPrice, arbi…)
  • Exchange (example below)
  • Or Market.