How to start guide

How To Start

This is a starting user guide that will help you on your path towards a successful, responsible and location free lifestyle as an investor and / or trader.


How to use this document?

For words marked with * you will find an explanation at the bottom (page 7).

Further on please find different sections and choose which one is best for you:



  • Beginner (page 2-3)


      • for those of you, who want to get informed (no exchange account needed)
      • Setup your own diff signal and start getting notifications on price moves
      • Free




  • Starter (page 3-5)


      • learn how to open Exchange account
      • learn how to create and setup *API keys
      • start trading with small amount (up to 200 EUR)
      • Free




  • Advanced (page 5)


      • open more exchange accounts and learn *arbitrage
      • Use multi exchange vision from PalmaBot to better use opportunities
      • learn about /mavg signal
      • Increase your trading amount when you feel comfortable with our tools and signals
      • Monthly subscription according to our pricing plan


  • Trader (page 6)


      • Join our Coconut club
      • Get access to PalmaPRO and PalmaPirate trading tools
      • Enjoy know how from the community and give back with your experiences – sharing is caring
      • Membership for Coconut Club




  1. Beginner

As already mentioned – for the start you do not need any preknowledge neither trading, investment or security wise:

  1. Add me on Telegram app:

-> By scanning this QR code

-> Or by clicking this link


  1. Get to know most commonly used tools


-> /coinPrice

  • write to me /coinPrice or click the button below the conversation window
  • Choose the coin, market and exchange that you are interested in 
  • and get price movement graph for the last 24 hours


-> /arbi

  • Write to me /arbi
  • And get top 5 *arbitrage opportunities for each implemented market.
  • Filter opportunities by the exchange or by the coin you are interested in.


-> /news

  • Write to me in Telegram: /news
  • Choose the keyword you are interested in
  • And get last top 3 (ranked in top 10 search results) google news


  1. Setup signal to start watching the price moves and gain the feeling

-> /diff

  • Write to me in Telegram: /diff
  • Choose your coin, market, exchange and difference where you want me to notify you
  • Example: ETH@USD Bitstamp 1% – I will notify you whenever the price of Ethereum on US Dollar will change for 1% or more, regardless of the timeframe


  1. Starter


This section is meant for those of you who would like to start investing in cryptocurrencies. Follow these steps to become a successful investor with an instant access to your assets.


  1. Register at one of the crypto exchanges


First thing you need to get started with is opening your own crypto exchange account. The thing in crypto is that you do not need a middleman anymore (no more banks, no more brokerage houses).


What is important when choosing your favourite crypto exchange, you need to ask yourself 2 important questions:


-> How and where will I buy cryptocurrency with *FIAT?


-> How and where will I payout (my profit)?


To get these answers straight, you have a couple of options (decide according to fees they charge). But the most preferred ones are these:


-> Open such an exchange account that enables you to deposit 

   and withdraw *FIAT. This way you can transfer your money from

   your bank account directly to your crypto exchange and back.

   Crypto exchanges that enable you that are:

  • Bitstamp (EU)
  • Bitfinex (USA)
  • Binance DEX (Asia)
  • BTCmarkets (Aus)


-> Find a local service that enables you to buy/sell crypto

   – one that we prefer here in Slovenia is – and

   then deposit / withdraw crypto to / from your crypto exchange.


For help with tutorial videos for opening an exchange account, please visit our PalmaBot Youtube channel:


  1. Create and setup *API keys


If you would like to use my super powers, e.g. executor, where you can react instantly to the signals I will be sending to you, you need to connect your mobile phone with your crypto exchange account:


-> Create API keys within your exchange account settings, usually

  You will find that feature under security or profile section.

   For further assistance, please visit PalmaBot Youtube Channel,

   Search for “API keys creation”:


-> Then setup *API keys within my settings:

  • Click “Commands” button below conversation window,
  • Then click /help,
  • Click “Settings”

   See this video for help:


  1. Advanced


You now know my basic features and benefits, now it is time to get you towards your first profits with some real volumes.


Within PalmaBot society we are growing a strong philosophy on responsible asset management and trading. We share knowledge within our community where you can find like-minded people that went through the same onboarding process as you just did. 


Please, be not afraid to join us there and start getting some unique experience feedback as you can not get elsewhere – ‘cause Palma way is something that gives crucial advantage in trading and is providing the usability others can not. But I believe you already can sense that now.


Congratulations, I am inviting you to our community, please join by clicking this link:


  1. Trader


For all of you that want even more, if you have the courage to liberate yourself in sense of money and location and start living like a real trader – we have a lot to give. We care for this a lot and we have built a special community of people that know how crucial it is in life to be self sustainable.


Coconut Club

A club of forward thinking traders and hackers that joined their forces for 1 cause – to get the crucial advantage in trading with know how, advanced trading features, and healthy and location free lifestyle.


If interested, please apply to our acceptance program, send your motivational letter to this email address:


* Wording explanation:


    • FIAT: standard world’s country currencies, like: USD, EUR, …
    • API: application interface is a computer program that enables access to the application.
    • API keys: public cryptography based application access where you use public API key to crypt the communication with and decrypt it locally with the secret API key.


  • Arbitrage: a business opportunity where you can buy some goods (in our case cryptocurrency) at one place (exchange 1) and then sell at the other place (exchange 2) for a higher price with guaranteed profit.
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