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Escape the dips

Guarantee is an illusion. (GB on risk)


When / Why do I need this? 

Last week was “a hell of a drop” with a couple of dips with 5% or more. But with me in your pocket you can escape them easily. #NoMoreFOMO

When in position, usually long term investors, you should do this…


How to?

1. Take me as your fastest 24/7 butler on Telegram:

✅ 2. Setup at least 3 signals – not just for your coin! Because when dips happen, usually all major coins dip! Write to me in Telegram: /diff

✅ 3. If you haven’t done it yet, setup your API key access for your exchange – PalmaBot setup API keys to Your mobile phone local storage guide

✅ 4. When notifications start coming for all set signals showing prices are going down fast, just sell your cryptos for FIAT or stable-coin.


Enjoy your breaks FOMO free!



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