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A club of forward thinking

  • traders,
  • investors and 
  • those who would like to become one.

that joined their forces for 1 cause – to get the crucial advantage in trading with know-how, advanced trading features, and a healthy and location free lifestyle.

Our Mission…

With extended support of PalmaBot team – is to

  • research,
  • share and
  • develop strategies and
  • tools

that enable unique trading and investment techniques to enable our members the crucial advantage in sense of trading and investment success.

Exclusively accessible…

Advanced users have the benefit of using all features with higher added value and for less expanse on yearly bases.

VIP treatment…

This part is crucial mostly for junior and investor members as it provides a great environment for information and knowledge sharing with support from like-minded coconuts.

Educational aim…

We provide open space for developing new ideas and educate ourselves among each other and with expert’s contributions about

  • financial freedom
  • trading on exchanges (focus is on crypto)
  • understand information from different media
  • recognizing and finding new ideas
  • digital assets management.

How you can enroll…

We are always ready to welcome you for a visit. Join us for a debate on one of our sessions. Choose what interests you most and visit us – see our program here

Investors / Traders

Trade with your money for yourself with access to all advanced features in sense of know-how:

  • Subscribe with a yearly subscription (demand pricing here).
  • Go through the initial financial course.
  • Get access to all advanced features, events, and regularly know-how sharing meetings and
  • 24/7 Telegram online support group for 1 year.

Supporters and Tech Investment Enthusiasts

Donate to enable an environment where you can enroll as a business seeker and advice provider:

  • Provide a donation of customizable amount of money.
  • This money will be used to test new features and strategies with the cause of providing a cutting edge advantage in trading.
  • The funds are then used to pay Coconut institute’s working force and advisors.

To see what we are preparing this year, check our yearly program.