Learn about Palma certificates, and see what we offer.

Palma RT Exchange certificate is the highest possible certification level enabling traders to enjoy real-time data streams and real-time signals with trading execution support. This is by far most suitable for high-frequency trading using advanced PRO functionalities and for 1-click PalmaExecutor automation trading platform.

  • web-socket real-time data stream
  • ccxt library fully supported

Palma Exchange certificate offers full PalmaBot and PalmaExecutor trading functionality with competitive response times offering traders daily trading or mid-range weekly set-ups. Fully user experience is available including the power of Trading dashboard, PRO functionalities with stop loss, take profit and trailing combinations, accounting etc

  • REST endpoint data stream
  • ccxt library fully supported

Palma Demo Exchange certificate is for exchanges that are not fully integrated jet in PalmaBot but we already have data streams and offer paper trading (demo mode) with all trading functionalities. Get your 1 demo BTC and discover the world of digital assets.

  • REST or real-time end-point
  • no ccxt support
  • Palma DEMO fully supported

Palma offers registering user accounts on exchanges with user friendly chat based work-flow. For more information please get in touch with our sales team admin@palmabot.com