Valid till Sunday the 29th of November 23:59 CET!


  1. Go to Palma on Telegram to claim your discount – click the button below.
  2. Write to Palma (or click the “Account” button below the conversation window and then “Upgrade”): /upgrade
  3. Choose your favorite package (more info here: pricing) by clicking one of the buttons below the conversation window, for example: “Trader”.
  4. Choose to upgrade for 1 month and pay with CoinGate (over 50 cryptos) or PayPal (credit card coverage).
  5. Within 24 hours PalmaBonus in the amount of yearly subscription to the chosen package will be toped up to your account. To check your status with PalmaBonus, use command /myreferral.


  1. You will upgrade to the Trader package for 10 EUR so that you can start openly using PalmaExecutor.
  2. Within 24 hours 110 EUR of PalmaBonus will be topped to your account, so you are good for the next year – until next year’s Black Friday 😉


  1. Share this link with your friend (directly or via social media post):
  2. Come back here and click on the button below that will secure the 30 EUR of PalmaBonus for you.
  3. As your friend will click on the link, you will both earn 30 EUR of PalmaBonus!

For more info and help join our support community, PalmaBot Community on Telegram.