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Basic Workflow

You can never buy time, but what you can buy is speed. (PalmaBot COO, GB on using trading tools)


When / Why do I need this?

Usually you will have an interest for a certain coin. You can easily access real time graph with price information by clicking the “coinPrice” button below the conversation window or write to me /coinPrice:

I will take you through and let you pick the coin, market and exchange that you are interested in. Finally I will send you the specified (coin-market-exchange) real time graph with price info.


How to?

And here the story about the basic workflow actually begins as now you do not have to use coinPrice button any more as I provide the most used command already built in with the message – where you have buttons and you can:

  • buy or sell this coin on selected market and exchange (buy / sell)
  • get the balance for this exchange (balance),
  • check the fresh price and real time graph (price),
  • get the last 3 top google news for this coin and
  • last orders from that exchange (fi supported on exchange).


What do I have to setup to use this?

✅ 1. To use news and price there are no prerequisites and it will always be in Freemium. Just add me on Telegram:

✅ 2. To be able to use buy, sell, balance and last orders tools you need to have the API keys for that exchange installed onto your device. See my API installation guide:

💛 For more info on basics, please read our “How to start guide”:

💛 If you need additional info or advice my team is always there for you. Join our community here:

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