Automated Opportunity Catcher – The Holy Grail of Every Trader

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Ever since my first days in trading crypto, I never dreamt that a fully automated trading system could be developed in a way that it would be easy to manage on mobile, so that I could manage, execute and improve my strategies on the go. The problem was not the strategy / algorithm itself – we developed many potential options – the main problems actually were:

  • first to maintain a stable real time data stream with an alert notification system and
  • second to create a reliable, seamless trade execution tool with that could be automated
  • plus, it needed to be fully manageable using mobile devices for traders on the go.

What we have achieved together with Coinalyze is nothing less than what I had always dreamed of – from the very beginning. Traders can

analyze, choose a strategy, set alerts, automate and test in real time, see it executed via mobile phone and finally let it roll with real money whenever they feel like, whether at home or on the go.

We may have only just begun and there is always more development to come, but PalmaBot is already the Holy Grail of stacking satoshis! Try it for yourself, and find the hidden keys of success in crypto trading.

Kindly Invited to VIP trader club and contribute to this one-of-a-kind trade execution automation solution PalmaBot Executor (that can be webhook-ed to any existing trading system like Coinalyze and TradingView) together with PalmaBot Team – or signup to waiting list for early access – more info in the bottom section.

I was sitting with my good friend, chatting over trading possibilities. What always grasps my attention are simple multi exchange techniques that provide huge potential opportunities for profit – and yes, you guessed right, we implemented them all into PalmaBot! Things like:

  • reducing risks with arbitrage opportunity quick and simple overview,
  • trade even instant buy / sell with maker fee schedule on any exchange,
  • multi-order functionality, set as many orders as you want with only one portion of money,
  • react with buy / sell based on exchange’s late response due to time difference or volume,
  • find correlated trading pairs even within 1 exchange,
  • etc.

I remember that day my good friend talking about this very specific trick so to say, that works mainly on big currencies: reacting on any exchange, based on Bitmex liquidations. This concept is probably very well known to experienced crypto traders – at least to those who are trading on Bitmex accompanied with some other top 10 exchanges. The pattern is obvious – as liquidations happen, massive arbitraging process happens between exchanges. We can spot that easily using /arbi command or a combination of PalmaBot’s /diff signals.

But the story is not about the strategy itself. What is more exciting is that later on my crypto journey I have met another soul mate, Kapo – Chief Editor at Our business developer Robert introduced us within one of our Coconut Club meetings. And this is what we have talked about on our last phone call:

  • I introduced Kapo our test environment for TradingView alert automation, 
  • but unfortunately he revealed that his TradingView charts within articles are not made on TradingView itself,
  • he revealed that Coinalyze is the thing he works with – a real time pattern search engine for crypto pro traders with liquidations alerts.

Finally I have met Gabriel, the Coinalyze mastermind!

Gabriel saw synergies immediately and was willing to collaborate with us to make PalmaBot and Coinalyze even more usable and complete. He provides (among many others) alerts – all FREE ( for liquidations – as we both have this value highly prioritized – IN REAL TIME!

If we combine that with PalmaBot’s progress, especially with Janez, our CTO, who simultaneously integrated TradingView in our test environment (enabling webhook technology like he felt upfront what we need) and upgraded to new even faster architecture! for seamless trade execution, you get an ultimate trading tool for crypto, something I was dreaming of years ago:

  • Real time alerts with live price charts for crypto markets
  • Futures data (open interest, liquidations, funding rate, etc.)
  • Webhook open technology for anybody to become PalmaBot Executor Enabledread more…
  • Real time arbitrage opportunities (try command /arbi) and
  • Automation possibilities on any strategy / alert with management on mobile – activate or deactivate on the go
  • Maker Fee schedule for all 23 exchanges even for Instant buy / sell
  • Multi Order functionality – place unlimited orders with only 1 portion of money
  • Read more…

To see how it works, read CoinSynCom’s exclusive integration preview:

Coinalyze has all the most important technical indicators, great charting, live prices, live candlestick formations tracking and the alert system. The latter would be specifically useful if it could execute trades automatically. Therefore, the two teams decided to combine their expertise to bring us such a great feature. Read more…

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Complete Your Trading System – connect, automate, manage on the go. Read more…

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