18Palmas Educational Trading Competition with daily Live AMAs
  1. Period of 18 days: 
    1. Start: 28.2.2021 at 23:59 CET (22:59 UTC / 16:59 EST)
    2. Finish: 18.3.2021 at 23:59 CET (22:59 UTC / 16:59 EST)
  2. Trading may be conducted exclusively with PalmaDEMO
    1. see more details on how to start: https://palmabot.com/knowledge-base/paper-trading-real-time-demo/
      1. On Mobile, the preferred app is Palma Virtual Assistant (chatbot): https://t.me/palma11bot
      2. For Desktop, the preferred app is PalmaWEB – analyze and execute trades from one place – in Palma below the command window find “Trading Dashboard”
    2. If you are already using PalmaDEMO, you can do a reset by commanding Palma with consecutive execution of commands:
      1. /demo_reset
      2. /buy (this will give you DEMO funds on the exchange that will be executed)
    1. You can enter the competition anytime within the first 24 hours starting (see section 1) on the 28th of February by resetting your DEMO account (see section 2b above) – only competitors that will enter the competition within the 24 hours will be competing for the overall prize which will be announced in the 18Palmas group on 18digits.com and Palma Community on Telegram!
      1. Earliest date to enter the competition: 28.2.2021 at 23:59:01 CET
      2. Latest date to enter the competition: 1.3.2021 at 23:58:59 CET
    2. Within the first 24 hours, you can do as many DEMO resets as you wish -> HINT: demo reset should be done when the price of Bitcoin is the highest within that 24 hours as you will receive DEMO funds worth 1 Bitcoin (see section 2b).
    1. Final Trading Volume data is collected on the 18th of March 2021 at 23:59 CET.
    2. This snapshot time is used to build up the winners list.
    3. The competitor with the highest DEMO money holdings will be announced as the winner.
  5. TRADING – At this contest trading on all available pairs is allowed (6000+) and on all Palma-supported exchanges (40+)
    1. Trading is done with DEMO money that you receive after executing /demo_reset (see sections 2 and 3 above)
    2. At least 1 Trade per day needs to be executed!
    3. Maximum 3 transfers can be done among exchanges (to use for arbitrage strategies)!
    4. All features within Palma Virtual Assistant are allowed, see more here:
      1. https://palmabot.com/knowledge-base/
      2. https://palmabot.com/user-guide/
    5. Trades executed outside of PalmaDEMO, either directly on the exchange, either within Palma but with real money, will not be taken into account.
  6. Any trading system can be used – however, we suggest doing it with one of the following, as it is possible to connect the system directly with PalmaExecutor – first set up the alert with PalmaExecutor predefined trade parameters, receive the alert notification directly to Palma on Telegram and execute – with a single click:
    1. CoinMarketAlert.com -> set up exclusive news and other crypto-related alerts:
      1. https://palmabot.com/knowledge-base/coinmarketalert-news-alert-with-palmabot-executor/
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr3hQa7Vc1g
    2. TradingView -> set up alerts and strategies where you can even automate the trade execution in Palma:
      1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ytxkqgapxpg
    3. Coinalyze -> real-time price and liquidations alerts:
      1. https://palmabot.com/knowledge-base/coinalyze-real-time-alert-with-palmabot-executor-sl-tp-parameters/
      2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr3hQa7Vc1g
  7. Additional INFO:
    1. You can see your current balance by executing command /balance (to ensure that the balance is the latest information, press “refresh all balances”).
    2. If you have questions regarding the contest rules, you can always ask in the 18Palmas group on 18digits.com and Palma Community on Telegram!
    3. Daily 24/7 active discussions about trading rules, trading techniques, and strategies will be done in the 18Palmas group on 18digits.com!
    4. Daily live AMA sessions will occur every day between 6 pm and 7 pm CET via Zoom – live link will be posted within the 18Palmas group on 18digits.com and Palma Community on Telegram!
    5. We advise you to follow us and attend 4 experts’ sessions, plus a beginning session with tips on how to trade and what are best practices that will be announced in the 18Palmas group on 18digits.com and Palma Community on Telegram!
    6. As well daily educational trading competitions will be run, which will be announced additionally via the 18Palmas forum on 18digits.com and Palma Community on Telegram!

Enter the 18Palmas Open Dealing Room Forum (LINK) for daily 24/7 investment discussions and live AMAs. Or join our Palma Community (LINK) on Telegram: